Party It Up at the Pinworthy Projects Party

Ok guys…I have a small amount of bad news. August is like so crazy busy in our house because we have two back to back kid birthdays, vacation and back to school all piled into one single month! So, I am going to suspend features in these party posts for the month of August. Of course, I’ll still be pinning/featuring on social media so don’t worry your pretty little faces about that! When we get back to the Pinworthy Projects Party in September, I’ll bring back features :)

Pinworthy Projects Party

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Key Lime Pear Cocktail

You already know wine slushies are popular around our house. For time to time, I like to step outside of the wine game though and enjoy a nice cocktail or, if it is a weekday, a mocktail! When we were in Miami, I tried some of the Cascade Ice Sparkling Waters and was instantly in love. I don’t do the plain water thing so well and need flavors in it for me to actually drink it on a regular basis. The key lime pear version was one of my favorites and I’ve been using it in a key lime pear cocktail ever since.

A refreshing key lime cocktail with a hint of pear and ginger.

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Moscato Wine Slushie

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to one of my favorite summer drinks: the red wine slushie. A lot of my friends are just not red wine drinkers even if you turn it into an adult type Slurpee. So, of course, I had to come up with a white wine slushie for them to drink. I played around with a few different types of wine but the moscato wine slushie seemed to the most popular.

Cool, refreshing wine slushie made with moscato

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Time to #StartYourGrill with 3 Sausage Recipes

SoFab Disclosure

My son is pretty much obsessed with hot dogs right now. He wants them every.single.night. Of course, that gets a little boring for the rest of us so I’ve started adding in different items when I am cooking his hot dogs. One of our current favorite things {and it turns out E’s too} are grilled sausages. While cooking dinner the other night, I came up with these three ideas for sausage recipes. 

This is a great idea to top yummy, grilled sausages with different toppings! #StartYourGrill #shop

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Coconut Lime Oreo Truffles

Oreo cookies are one of those things you will almost always find in our house. We buy the little snack packs in the giant size from Costco to put in lunches and will usually have just a regular package in the house for the random sweet snack. At the store the other day, I saw the new Limeade flavor and knew I had to try them. Of course, as I do with most Oreo flavors, I decided “bake” with them and made coconut lime Oreo truffles using the new flavor.

Yummy...these limeade oreo truffles are no bake and taste a lot like key lime pie!

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Pinworthy Projects Link Party

Um, you guys…over 350 links last week! YOU ARE AWESOME. Allyson and I were chatting over the weekend and she said “did you see the link up yet?” I was so thrilled to come in and see so many amazing projects shared. I am still working my through all of them but I picked out a few features from last week’s link party that I wanted to share {look for more on Pinterest and Facebook}!


Cajun Crawfish Quiche // Brownie Pudding // DIY Burlap Sign // Tiramisu Poke Cake // DIY Toilet Cleaner

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Vanilla Pancakes with Blueberries

Have you noticed that so many things these days seem to be some crazy concoction of flavors? I was out the other day and saw strawberry caramel chocolate pretzel flavored ice cream. Now, I love all of the flavors sure and do enjoy some flavors mixed together {salted caramel or strawberry lemonade anyone?}. But, sometimes I feel like more traditional flavors like vanilla get a bad rap. They get labeled as boring or plain. Well, I’m going to #TakeBackVanilla and it starts with these delicious vanilla pancakes and blueberries.

Vanilla pancakes with blueberry compote #TakeBackVanilla #CGC #spon

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Back to School Wreath with Numbers

So, each month, a group of blogger friends and I get together to do a themed post. These women are amazingly creative and always knock it out of the park. In honesty, I typically forget about it until the week before or I just plain run out of time. Yep…I’m that person in the group! This month, our theme was numbers. I was stuck for so long because I couldn’t run into the kitchen and turn out something number related with ease. Instead, I did what I normally do when I am stuck…I talked to H and got her involved with the project. The result: this super cute back to school wreath with numbers.

Easy and super cute back to school wreath with glossy numbers! #CreativeBuzz

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21 Recipes with Basil

I have the world’s worst black thumb. Until recently, the only plant I have been able to keep alive is a Christmas cactus that I was given as a gift when my grandfather died years ago.  That changed recently when I purchased a hydroponic basil plant because they were out of regular basil. On a whim, I decided to plant it and it has been flourishing ever since. The more it grows, the more I realize that I need to find ways to use it and I collected 21 recipes with basil. 

These are the perfect way to use all the extra basil in your house.

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Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberries are everywhere right now. I know our berry patches are turning out some amazing strawberries and they are just begging to be eaten, cooked with and enjoyed while they are at their peak. I love eating strawberries on their own but also like to add them to desserts during the summer.  For dessert not too long ago, I decided to do a slightly different take on strawberry shortcake and use a cheesecake style filling in place of the traditional whipped cream.

Make the best of summer's fresh fruit in this strawberry cheesecake shortcake.

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