A Clean Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen

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Last year, we made the decision to upgrade our appliances and add some stainless steel to the mix. Since I have two young kids (7 and 4) and do a ton of cooking and baking in the kitchen, I was a little worried about they would work out. My dark counter tops constantly need to be wiped down to avoid looking messy and I wanted to avoid that with my appliances. I took the leap though and do love the appliances. I don’t love seeing fingerprints or food smudges on it though which, with kids and a busy kitchen, is just inevitable. You can totally see what I mean

We even find a way to get fingerprints and grime on the ice dispenser.

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17 Make Ahead Breakfast Recipes

With Christmas morning always being crazy hectic, I like to have a few make ahead breakfast recipes that I love to be able to make in the days before. That way, we wake up to a breakfast that requires minimal work and, if needed, can just cook while we check out what Santa brought everyone. Of course, I use these make ahead breakfast recipes all throughout the year too.

17 make ahead breakfast recipes that are perfect for Christmas morning and beyond.

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Mint Chocolate Olive Oil Brownies

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As a blogger, I love being able to share my passion for cooking and baking while working with brands that I have been a fan of for years. Thank you to Pompeian for partnering with me to bring you this holiday recipe. #PompeianHoliday

What are your favorite flavors at Christmas time? Mine is hands down the combination of chocolate and peppermint. After I made my chocolate peppermint cake mix cookies, I was totally craving some more sweets with mint flavor. So, I decided that mint chocolate olive oil brownies would make the perfect addition to my holiday treat collection.

The most delicious combination of peppermint and chocolate. These mint chocolate olive oil brownies are my new favorite.

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Chipotle Chocolate Truffles

SoFab Disclosure

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve seen my saga of the broken oven. Just when we thought it was a glitch, the oven completely died. Of course, that happened 3 days from our annual holiday party which was totally stressful. I immediately had to rethink all of my holiday party recipes to limit how much of it needed oven time. That meant no cookies, puff pastries or anything like that. Instead, I decided to make the star of the dessert table chipotle chocolate truffles. 

A simple no bake dessert that is full of rich chocolate flavor and the perfect hint of spice!

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Let’s Party!

Um…what a crazy week! We have our annual Christmas party this coming weekend and, in addition to being without any childcare, our oven died too. It has been absolutely crazy trying to get into any sort of routine around here and find something to eat for dinner too ;) At least my internet is working so I can check out what you guys shared last week!

12.5 Pinworthy-Projects-Party-Features

Snowman Cherry Cheesecake // Dollar Store Christmas Decorating
DIY Snowflake Ornament // Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cake // DIY Christmas Garland
Painted  Noel Pillow // Christmas Home Tour

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Peppermint Mocha Donut Recipe

When Mathlete and I were dating, I was totally addicted to Peppermint Mochas from Starbucks. Almost every date we went on either started or ended with a trip to Starbucks for my beloved drink. I don’t order the Peppermint Mocha as much during my trips to the coffee shop but I still love the flavor as much as I did way back then. I’ve been working on our Christmas menu and decided that I had to incoporate those favorite Christmas flavors in some how. I will definitely be using this Peppermint Mocha donut recipe Christmas morning {and probably at least every week from now until then} because it is thing to make for a yummy Christmas treat!

Peppermint Mocha donuts are the perfect addition to Christmas morning breakfast!
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35 Christmas Treat Recipes

Christmas and sweet treats go together like Santa and Elves. One just isn’t the same without the other. From cookies to fudge to other kinds of treats, you can find it all cooking in someone’s kitchen during Christmastime. In case you want to get in on the action, I’ve got 35 amazing Christmas treat recipes for you to drool over.

35 amazing Christmas treat recipes! I want to try them all.

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Burlap and Plaid Christmas Wreath

So, November totally flew by! It was like I packaged up the Halloween decorations and now I am pulling out my snowmen and Christmas items. This blog started with the making of a wreath {and then a ton of wreathes after that} so I like to be sure and share the newest wreath I make each year for Christmas. This year, I am going for a pretty traditional and rustic feel so my burlap and plaid Christmas wreath fits in perfectly.

A simple burlap and plaid Christmas wreath is so easy to make and looks beautiful.

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White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies


For as long as I can remember, cookies and Christmas go hand in hand. My grandmother used to spend day after day making all kinds of delicious Christmas treats. No one came to visit without getting a plate of goodies to take home. As I’ve gotten older, I try to do the same for my family and friends. Mathlete loves oatmeal cookies so it only makes sense to include some version in our holiday baking. My favorite are white chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookies.

White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies are perfect for the holidays.

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Italian Meatball Soup

I am always excited to partner with brands that I love. Thank you to Mezzetta for sponsoring this recipe. As always, while I was compensated for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

For years, we have always gotten together and decorated our Christmas tree with friends and family. I love sharing one of my favorite Christmas activities with those that I love. Of course, with out busy schedules, we often end up decorating the tree during dinnertime which means hungry stomachs come along with the Christmas cheer. I like to have something that is easier to make but also filling for everyone to enjoy in between hanging ornaments. One of my favorites is Italian Meatball Soup.

Easy Italian Meatball Soup