In true {recent} blog fashion, I am here several days late to share a little glimpse of our Christmas holiday.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, the inflatables were humming and lights were glowing all over the house.

No, this is not our house but one around the corner from us we visit every year.  Rumor has it some guy names Clark lives there.

Santa stopped for a visit and a little snack too.

To leave presents for the kids…mom and dad too

Ok, I am out of rhyming ideas so picture dump coming your way.

After lots of present opening with the kids and my parents, it was time to get ready for Christmas dinner which would also include Mathlete’s family (4 adults + 5 kids!).

Mathlete’s family has a tradition where each person gets a little mitten with a Godiva mint inside.  As long as the mint stays in the mitten, no one can take it.  But, if you take it out of the mitten and leave it on the table, it is fair game for anyone to take!

After dinner, it was more present unwrapping with the cousins!

I hope you all had a spectacular Christmas just as our family did!


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  1. Hello! It’s so nice to meet you… love your New Year’s project round up! Happily following your cute blog… xoxo Malia

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of presents under that tree! Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. I love the girls’ pioneer hats!
    thanks so much for linking up for Feed Me Friday! I’m following and subscribing back.
    Amy @ Oh So Savvy Mom