The Paper Christmas Tree

I know, I know…you probably came here today with your grocery list in hand looking for recipes.  I’m taking a brief hiatus from WTCW (one week).  I’ve been prepping some guest posts and getting ready to co-host Crafty Scrappy Happy Me Thursday with my blogger friend, Jaime.
So, today, instead, I am bringing back a post from the past that I did for Emily over at Naptime is My Time.  I did a guest post for her and shared how to make a paper Christmas tree decoration with scrapbook paper and Styrofoam.

What will you need?

Scrapbook or other similar paper.  Double sided works best!
A styrofoam or paper mache tree.
Paper cutter or scissors
Straight pins

Ok, got all those things?  I figure most of you lovely ladies {or handsome guys} have a lot of those items in your everyday craft supplies!  The first step is to cut your paper into strips.  Using my {or my borrowed} paper cutter, I made mine all 3/4″ of an inch wide.

Now, take your styrofoam {or paper mache if that is what you chose} tree and get ready to pin the pieces on.  I simply folded mine, without creasing and then used the straight pins to attach them to the tree form.

Once you get a layer done, just do the next layer and move along up the tree form.  I used different paper for each of my layers.

Once I had all of the layers on the tree, I added a cupcake topper as my tree “star”.

I also wrapped the very top of the final layer with a piece of ribbon to cover up the little pins that showed.  It looks like one little pin just won’t go into hiding though…oops!

This little Christmas tree will probably live on my island in place of the current straw decorations.  I love how all the layers work together!

Have you made any unique items with scrapbook paper or styrofoam recently?  Those two supplies seem to be all the rage in decorating these days.


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  1. This is so pretty…I love the colours you chose…have a beautiful Christmas….ps. I’m your number 100…! congrats xo

  2. This is great! I love the pretty papers you used. I pinned this so I can give it a try for next year.

  3. Featuring this week at Bacon Time, Happy holidays and hope your Christmas is magical.


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