WTCW #41

Can you believe we are already at 41 weeks of the WTCW feature? Time flies by so quickly. Let’s see what great recipes are on the list this week.

[Rice and Wheat], [How Sweet Eats], [Good Life Eats]

Sunday:  I’ve been trying to keep our menus filled with diverse recipes.  I think these pide turkish pizzas are perfect for that and look tasty to boot.

Monday:  I’ve never really considered stuffing sweet potatoes like I would a regular potatoes.  Seeing these bbq chicken stuffed sweet potato skins makes me rethink that though!

Tuesday:  Chicken meatballs add a little twist to this Italian wedding soup.  Yummy!

[Aggie’s Kitchen], [Mel’s Kitchen Cafe], [Eat Yourself Skinny],  [Food Blogga]

Wednesday:  I have been sneaking vegetables and fruits into our food so that my kids {and Mathlete} get the health benefits and I get to skip the complaining.  Bowties with pumpkin and parmesan is a great option to help me with this.

Thursday:  A good friend of mine made me some delicious egg rolls and I froze some for later use.  I think I will pair them with sesame chicken stir fry for a delicious meal.

Friday:  The kids are getting a treat this week with two pasta nights.  This one has pesto, peas and sun dried tomatoes.

Saturday:  I love soba noodles and stumbled across this Szechuan pork recipe when looking for options to use them.  Can’t wait to try it!


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  1. thank you for all the lovely ideas!! yum..the pictures sell the meals!!