Pinterest Projects: Fruity Ice Cubes

I hate water! There I said it.  I know it is completely unnatural {oh, and hate is a bad word} but I do.  I really have to force myself to drink it because I know that I technically need it to stay alive.
I was on Pinterest the other day and say something that might change my relationship with this much needed resource

Yep…fruit ice cubes. Awesome right? I change up the taste of my nasty water without adding a whole mound of unnatural ingredients into my water. That would really be counter productive to drinking the water, right?

Well, I didn’t have any beautiful blackberries on hand when this revelation hit me but I did have a lemon and lime.

I grabbed my zester and started peeling off strips of the lemon and lime rind.

I dropped a few pieces of zest into each of the sections of my ice cube tray and filled with water.

Into the freezer for a little while and out pops citrus ice cubes.  These things are the perfect addition to try and help me drink more water.

Do you guys have any tricks you use to eat or drink more of something you know you really need?  Have you made fruity ice cubes of your own?


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  1. I have not made fruity ice cubes but I’m totally going to now!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  2. seriously- this is the best idea! Gotta remember this little guy for sure!

  3. What a great idea, I think strawberries would be awesome.

  4. I don’t know if I would do the zests, but the berries are definitely going to be made at my house. My daughter would love them,

    Visiting from Whimsically Homemade!

  5. I actually LOVE water! I drink like 60 ounces a day, but I may have to try these during the day. They look so yummy! Maybe then I could give up my one can of pop that I just love in the middle of the day to add some taste to my beverages.

  6. Love this idea! (And I have a tree FULL of lemons and another of limes.)

    I think I’ll do this later today!

  7. LOVE this… is a great twist to having a lemon slice in your water! I’m going to be doing this!

  8. I drink water all the time – it’s just about the only thing I drink! So I don’t need to dress it up to make it more appealing. However, I’m not a huge vegetable fan, so I’ve been looking for ways to dress up veggies. My favourite so far is cauliflower “mashed potatoes” – steam the cauliflower florets, then whip them up in a food processor till their smooth, along with some spices and goat cheese. My brain tells me it’s cauliflower, but my taste buds tell me it’s mashed potatoes :-)


  9. Such a great idea Shannah!! I’m a huge fan of having lemon in my water so I love this twist on that. Thanks so much for sharing at this weeks Tutorial Tuesday!

    Newlyweds on a Budget

  10. That is an excellent idea!! I love water, but after so many glasses during the day I get sick of it. I am going to have to try this! Thanks for sharing at Thursday’s Temptation.

  11. A healthy and FUN and tasty idea!! Thanks SO much for linking up!
    “Kiss Me I’m Irish” linky party now open!

  12. Thanks for linking up! I just featured this project on my fb page:

  13. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!! :)