Gift Ideas for the Littles

I’m sure all you prepared parents have your gifts purchased, wrapped and under the tree.  So, this post isn’t for you.  It is for the parents {like me} who are still out walking the aisles and clicking on the web looking for great gifts for their kids.

Or maybe the aunt or uncle who just has no clue what to get…or the grandparent  who isn’t exactly “hip” when it comes to kids’ toys.

I’ll go ahead and caveat this and say, if the kids you are shopping for aren’t {or near} 5 and 2, I’m not going to be of much help.  But, if they are, read on for some great gift ideas that are readily available right now!

As you all know, my daughter, H, turned 5 in August.  She has lots of ideas of what she wants for Christmas…among them are some things that are pretty outrageous {cough…pony} but she had some pretty reasonable requests for Santa too. 

1) All things Barbie are popular in our house.  This week’s current obsession: the Barbie Fashion Closet

2) Kids are at their most “creative” from ages 3-7.  Let them explore that creativity via dry erase, paper and chalk with a combination Art Easel.

3) Kindergarten is all about helping them learn to read.  Mine can’t get enough of books and reading so any of the Step into Reading books are perfect!

4) Legos have long been associated with boy play but now, Lego is capitalizing on the girls’ interest in building too with their Lego Friends line

5) We’re not quite ready to plop down the coin for an iPad {she is only 5} so we looked at a different option that was specifically geared to kids: the LeapPad2 {the princess bundle is purely a bonus}

6) Dress-up and pretend play are daily occurences in our house.  Every day, I get requests to wear make-up so a kid make-up kit for times like that is perfect.  Of course, be sure to grab some face wipes to go with this gift so they don’t get out of the house all dolled up.

My little boy is growing up fast and just hit 2 this year.  Here are some ideas for kids about the same age.

1)  Want a great toy for encouraging writing and drawing skills that is virtually indestructible? Magnadoodle is the answer.

2) I am super excited about this little toy, the Kid-O Bilibo. I bet even H will be wanting turns in it.

3)  A tricycle is the quintessential toddler toy.  This version features a speed racer theme and parent handle!

4) Very little beats the vibrant sounds of kids playing music {provided there is advil handy}.  I love this little drum set because it comes with a host of other instruments too.

5) Interactive toys are great for the age 2 set.  I thought an interactive dinosaur would be a cute option for my little boy.

6) Fun + Educational is always a great plan.  Wooden peg puzzles are fun for kids but also teach fine motor skills.

So, what are your top toys for kids this year?

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