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Today, I’m super excited to welcome a good friend of mine as the guest blogger.  We met years ago and {thankfully} have kept in touch.  She writes the awesome blog, TheMcBaileys…be sure to go visit her!

Take it away Megan :)


Hey Y’all! I’m Megan from TheMcBaileys and I have a tendancy to post about whatever happens to be floating around in my mind when I sit down at the computer. But don’t worry, today I have a plan (unlike most days). Shannah was nice enough to let me spill some of my craziness here on Just Us Four. I’m extremely envious of how organized AND creative Shannah is and she’s a brave soul for giving me an opportunity to hang out with you guys!

Today I’m sharing with you the Four Rules of Gift Giving for the holidays.

The holidays can be a tad overwhelming with all of the gifts you have to purchase. Your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, mailman, teachers, YOU NAME IT, you probably purchase a gift. So I thought I’d share with you my way of ensuring I purchase just the right gift for everyone on my list. I break all of my holiday shopping up into 4 Rules.

Rule 1: Something to Wear

You can never go wrong purchasing a piece of clothing or an accessory for an invidual(s) on your list. Cool bangles and some earrings for your girlfriends, a cashmere scarf for mom, a pair of leather gloves for your hubby, and a cute top for your bestie next door neighbor. If the thought of picking out something for another person to wear on their body gives you cardiac arrest, then move on to Rule No. 2.

Rule 2: Something to Read

I, for one, am an avid reader. I’ll read as many as three books at one time. Believe me, I know that is ridiculous, and would confuse the heck out of most people (yea try keeping all those story lines striaght).. But, I still remember hiding under the covers with my flashlight and a book when I was a kid, after my parents told me to turn off the lights, because I just HAD to finish whatever it was I was reading. So give a subscription to their favorite magazine, or pick up one of the latest page turners on the Best Selling List, or even introduce them to one of your favorite books. If all else fails, they can read a calendar right?
Okay so you don’t want to buy a book/magazine/calendar because you think that’s boring, move along.

Rule 3: Something They Want

Every single person I know has mentioned in passing “Oh I would love [insert name of item].” Now, I’m not talking a bigger house or to win the lottery, but maybe something to help organize small spaces giving the illusion of a bigger house, or lottery tickets, which could help them get closer to that million dollars. Or, just truly buy them something they have included on their list, if you have that available, or if they’ve said it to you directly. I know my neighbor mentioned she really wanted a gift certifcate to Target because she goes there two times a week – DONE! My husband mentioned he’d love some new headphones that don’t fall out of his ears while he’s at the gym – DONE! My boss mentioned she couldn’t find this bottle of wine from California she loved – DONE! It can be big, if you’re so inclined, or small, up to you. And if you truly have no idea what they want then…


Rule 4: Something They Need

Now, I know you are about to argue with me and say “Does anyone really need anything, and I would probably say you’re right. But, just think about that mailman, wouldn’t an awesome pair of warm gloves be nice for that “rain, sleet, or snow” job? Wouldn’t a gift certificate to the Home Depot be nice for your neighbor remodeling their bathroom? How about a new leaf blower for the one that conked out this fall? There’s always something, even those people who have everything, needs.

So those are my 4 Rules of Gift Giving. What do you think, will it help you finish up that holiday shopping in the next two weeks? I sure hope so. What about you, do you have any rules you follow?

A big hugs and loves to Shannah for having me this week!!!


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  1. Thanks so much for having me Shannah!! :)

  2. This is a great outline for gift giving. Thanks for the reminder. I’d love to have you link this us to Titus 2 Tuesday this week on Cornerstone Confessions.. I hope to see you there.

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