WTCW #86

Can you believe January is almost over?  I am shocked at how fast the month has flown by.  I guess it is all the fun I have been having :)

I’m excited to share some new recipes with you as part of What to Cook Wednesday!

Sunday:  Lasagna is one of those dishes that is so versatile.  Rosemary chicken lasagna is such a great new twist on a classic dish.

Monday:  I love pasta.  It is a total weakness of mine.  Avocado alfredo pasta with spicy shrimp definitely sounds like a perfect way to get my pasta fix.

Tuesday:  On weeknights, sometimes sandwiches and wraps are the easiest way to get dinner on the table.  Cashew chicken salad wraps are a great way to have a tasty meal quickly.

Wednesday:  How do Asian lettuce wraps sound?  Delicious right?  Add a few crunchies and you have a meal straight from P.F. Changs.

Thursday:  Pasta night gets a little Tex-Mex twist with enchilada pasta skillet.

Friday:  Mathlete loves sloppy joes but I am not a huge fan of the typical tomato version.  I am thinking these Asian sloppy joes might be a happy medium for both of us.

Saturday:  Let’s finish out the week with a delicious meal of pan fried chicken with mushrooms.   It is a restaurant quality meal made at home to skip the wait and rush of restaurants on a Saturday evening.

Happy Wednesday and happy cooking!



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