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I had a nightmare last night. I don’t know if it was just a weird night or if it was related to a story a coworker was telling me the previous day about a house disaster he was in the middle of dealing with but I dreamed that our sump pump backed up again and we couldn’t fix it ourselves this time. We tried all different options found on the internet but nothing would fix it.

Picture me in my $10 rain boots sloshing around in our basement trying to DIY a solution. It isn’t a pretty picture.

In fact, it was pretty disgusting {and a little scary given the possible damage in a newly finished basement} to think about! Water was everywhere and, of course, the HUGE storm outside that caused the problem in the first place was supposed to continue for several more days which would just make the problem much worse.

So, since I couldn’t back to sleep, I did a little research on companies that offer sump pump repairs and found my local Rotorooter. {I figure it pays to be prepared in case my nightmare comes true!} In my sleep deprived nightmare state, I even made a note of the phone number and location and put it in our drawer with other important numbers.

Why did I pick Rotorooter to put in our reference number drawer?

Well, they don’t charge extra for nights, holidays or weekends when is usually when something bad is going to happen! Plus, they offer 24 hour emergency service from fully licensed plumbers! Their website guarantees a free estimate before any work is started to make sure that you, as the homeowner, know what you are in for before your toilet, sink, etc is all torn apart for repair. I like knowing:
1) How much I’m going to pay upfront
2) The person doing the work is trustworthy and competent
3) I won’t get charged more just because it is a night, holiday or weekend. It isn’t like I can control when something breaks!

So, do you have weird dreams where something major in your house breaks and you need to fix it…fast? Do you keep a list of reference numbers for contractors in case an emergency repair {or any repair you can’t DIY} is needed? How do you choose your contractor?

This is a sponsored post however, all the nightmares, points and views are my own.

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  1. Jason Strong says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been trying to figure out ways to prepare for life and what it may have in store, and this gave me some great insights on things I can try! Thanks for sharing!

    Jason |