25 Awesome Christmas Crafts

Christmas crafting is in full swing here now that the calendar has flipped over to December.  I do a little bit of stuff during November but really don’t start with the “heavy” crafting until December.  There is something about really enjoying Thanksgiving as its own holiday that I love.  Of course, not actually crafting in November didn’t stop me from searching around for all kinds of inspiration to have for when I started my projects for the year.  To kick off the first week of December, I am sharing 25 awesome Christmas crafts with you today!

25 Awesome Christmas Crafts To make it super easy for you to visit each and every one of these amazing crafts, I am trying out a new way to share them with you.  Below, you’ll find a gallery where you can click on the picture and it will take you directly to the post so you can get all the information on how the project was created.   Be sure to let me know what you think about this new way of doing the round up :)  I can always go back to the old way if you guys aren’t fans!

Ok, now, let’s get our crafting on!


So, was I right?!  Did you find tons of inspiration in that collection of Christmas crafts?  I know I definitely added several of these to my list as I was looking around for ideas.  There is so much creativity in blog land that it totally boggles my mind sometimes.

What Christmas crafts have you been working on?  Do you wait until December or start earlier in the year?

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