Gift Ideas: Flux Flap iPad Case

This post is sponsored by Flux Flap iPad Case.  However, as always, all opinions and thoughts shared here are my own.

Now, I know you don’t typically get a non link party post from me on Friday but I am working on my holiday wish list and came across something that I thought you might be interested in as well.  I know I always have a difficult time coming up with great gift ideas for myself so I thought you may be in the same boat too.

One of the first things I bought for myself after I really started getting more serious about blogging was an iPad.  Much to the chagrin of my Android loving husband, I went to the Apple store and picked out an iPad 4 and never looked back.  Well, that isn’t entirely true…I had a major frustration after my purchase but it wasn’t really associated with the the iPad itself.  I absolutely could not find a case that did what I wanted.  I looked for weeks and then finally settled on something that kinda sorta does what I needed.  Today, I discovered the Flux Flap iPad Case that is absolutely perfect for what I want my case to do.

Instead of me blabbering on about all the awesome features, I am going to share a video that pretty much sums up all the awesome features.

This project has been funded through the, a crowdfunding program that allows inventors and regular people like you and me to launch products and businesses. You can go to Kickstarter now and make a pledge for FluxFlap. This means you essentially pre-order the FluxFlap before it is even produced. It is such a neat way to connect creative people and help support one another’s ideas.

My favorite part about the Flux Flap is all of the ways it can be positioned.  I am not your typical sit at a desk and use an iPad type person {what blogger is?!} so this versatility is absolutely key for me.  I use my iPad in the kitchen when I am cooking, more like a computer with a keyboard, for reading, for movies…you name it, I do it with my iPad.
Cooking-CC Typing-Mode

The Flux Flap works with the iPad 2, 3, 4, Mini, Air and Mini with retina display.  So, basically, almost any iPad you have will work with this case.  I just added this to my Christmas list and I think it is a great gift idea for anyone with an iPad.

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