TBT: Overnight Pumpkin Pie French Toast

Welcome to September! I had to laugh when I saw a something on Facebook that referenced how everything would turn into pumpkins come September 1st. I know, as a blogger, we start thinking in pumpkin terms around mid-July so we’ll be ready but I always wonder if everyone else gets annoyed by pumpkin so early. So, I asked on Facebook what you guys would prefer to see today and overnight pumpkin pie French toast beat out the competition!

Overnight Pumpkin Pie French Toast

This overnight pumpkin pie french toast is the perfect fall breakfast! Do a little prep the night before and then wake up to a breakfast that is amazingly delicious and filled with pumpkin flavor.

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Peppermint Mocha Donut Recipe

When Mathlete and I were dating, I was totally addicted to Peppermint Mochas from Starbucks. Almost every date we went on either started or ended with a trip to Starbucks for my beloved drink. I don’t order the Peppermint Mocha as much during my trips to the coffee shop but I still love the flavor as much as I did way back then. I’ve been working on our Christmas menu and decided that I had to incoporate those favorite Christmas flavors in some how. I will definitely be using this Peppermint Mocha donut recipe Christmas morning {and probably at least every week from now until then} because it is thing to make for a yummy Christmas treat!

Peppermint Mocha donuts are the perfect addition to Christmas morning breakfast!
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35 Christmas Treat Recipes

Christmas and sweet treats go together like Santa and Elves. One just isn’t the same without the other. From cookies to fudge to other kinds of treats, you can find it all cooking in someone’s kitchen during Christmastime. In case you want to get in on the action, I’ve got 35 amazing Christmas treat recipes for you to drool over.

35 amazing Christmas treat recipes! I want to try them all.

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Burlap and Plaid Christmas Wreath

So, November totally flew by! It was like I packaged up the Halloween decorations and now I am pulling out my snowmen and Christmas items. This blog started with the making of a wreath {and then a ton of wreathes after that} so I like to be sure and share the newest wreath I make each year for Christmas. This year, I am going for a pretty traditional and rustic feel so my burlap and plaid Christmas wreath fits in perfectly.

A simple burlap and plaid Christmas wreath is so easy to make and looks beautiful.

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Baked Eggnog Donuts

I am going to share a secret with you. I am not an eggnog fan. For whatever reason, I never really fell in love with it. I think eggnog is just like that annoying/endearing relative that you see every Christmas. You either LOVE him/her and think they are the most endearing person. Or, you have zero love for him/her and they become super annoying. I am in the zero love category when it comes to eggnog. I know it is like THE Christmas beverage but I just can’t fall in love with it. {I even tried making an eggnog candy to see if that would help.} Mathlete, on the other hand, is a major eggnog lover. So, these baked eggnog donuts are for him! {smooches honey}

Baked eggnog donuts you can easily make at home and enjoy all holiday long!

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Chocolate Maple Pecan Bars

With the holidays upon us {um, can you believe Thanksgiving is this week?!}, most kitchens are gearing up for major cooking and baking. From mid-November through the end of the year, my oven really gets a work out between cooking holiday meals and baking yummy holiday treats like chocolate maple pecan bars.

The perfect substitute for traditional pecan pie! Chocolate maple pecan bars are amazing and so delicious.

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Easy Glitter Christmas Ornaments

We are really into Christmas and literally change the decorations in pretty much every part of our home for Christmas.  We have about five Christmas trees of different sizes around the house.  We even take down artwork and put up Christmas decorations instead.  I’d probably change out pieces of furniture too if Mathlete wouldn’t give me a hard time about it!  This year, I decided to add a little Christmas sparkle to our paper mache tree and made some super easy glitter Christmas ornaments to hang on it.

Glittered Ornaments with Label_wm

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Homemade Christmas Trees

It was my pleasure to partner with Make It:Fun and FloraCraft® to share a “Foam for the Holidays” homemade Christmas tree project with you.

Decorating with small, homemade Christmas trees can be super easy but make a big impact.  When you create your own, there is so much versatility for how your final product will look.  I’ve decorated my own trees over several years using scrapbook paper, tinsel and even just glitter.  Using STYROFOAM™ cones makes creating homemade Christmas trees so easy.Styrofoam Tree Collage [Read more…]

50 Fantastic Christmas and Winter Craft Ideas

Wow, December has certainly come in quickly! I can hardly believe we are close to a week before Christmas.  We took a trip to New York City earlier in the month and, ever since then, it feels like days go by in twos.  My head is totally spinning with the thought of wrapping presents, cooking Christmas dinner and entertaining my kids during their winter break!  I went searching for some craft ideas to do with my daughter while she was home and ended up putting together a collection of 50 fantastic Christmas and Winter craft ideas.  They aren’t all kid friendly but they are all awesome and worth checking out!
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Let’s Go on a Sleigh Ride

This post was originally shared over on Salt Tree but I wanted to share it with you here as well!

 For my kitchen decorations this year, I focused on bright reds and greens for the decor.

Someone keeps eating the M&Ms out of my little bowl…thieves!

One of the newest additions to the room started with this unfinished wood sled.

I taped stripes with painters tape and painted part of them red.

Once it was dry, I taped off the other stripes and painted them green. Then, I let the entire thing dry for several days before adding my vinyl lettering to the sled.

Are you ready for sleigh rides?

I love this sleigh because, even though it is red and green, I think it can stay out for decoration all winter!