Washi Tape Magnets {Guest Post}

Happy Friday! If you are looking for the Pinworthy Projects Party, don’t worry…it is still here! Just scroll down. BUT, be sure to check out these amazing washi tape magnets that Carrie has to share first. They are super cute and so easy to make.


Hi, I’m Carrie and I blog about creating a lovely home for less at Lovely Etc.

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While I adore being a wife and mom, I also have an insatiable need to create! I love figuring out how to make beautiful things – even if it means firing up a few power tools. And I am all about finding ways to create exactly what I want for as little money as possible. I usually have at least five or six DIY projects going on at any one time and they are pretty much guaranteed to involve an awesome yard sale find, my trusty jigsaw, or my vast collection of turquoise paints.

I have a super simple, fast, and inexpensive project to share today – which is basically the best kind of project!

diy washi tape arrow magnets

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9 Back to School Supply Ideas

Going back to school is always exciting for kids. For parents, there is a lot to get together and organized before that first bus pick up.  Between school supply lists, back to school lunch planning and after school activities, it is amazing it all gets done. When packing backpacks this year, consider some of these back to school supply ideas that will make what goes in the backpack more fun.

9 ways to make back to school supplies look awesome!

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Stenciled Tea Towels {Guest Post}

There are few projects on my list that I been there forever. For some reason, they just never make it to the “to do” stage. Meredith tackles on of them by sharing all the details of how to make stenciled tea towels.


Hello, lovely readers! My name is Meredith, and I am thrilled to be visiting you today from unOriginal Mom.  Just Us Four is one of the first blogs I stumbled upon as a brand new blogger and I have been following Shannah ever since!


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Chalkboard Menu {Guest Post}

I am so excited about today’s post! You see, Sarah {from Little Red Brick House} and I have something major in common: a love for chalkboard paint. Combine that with a love of staying organized and menu planning and we might as well be sisters. She is sharing her awesome chalkboard menu here today.


I’m so, so excited to be guest posting here today on Just Us Four! Thank you so much, Shannah, for having me! My name is Sarah and I blog over at Little Red Brick House about all things creative, with an emphasis on DIY and home decor.

I have a small obsession with chalk boards. I mean, there’s one on my Wall Organizer in the front entry, one as a Calendar/Memo Board in my dining room/schoolroom (we homeschool) and now one in my kitchen! I would probably paint everything in chalkboard paint if my husband would let me. ;)

I like to plan my meals for the week ahead and I got tired of searching for my meal planning notebook every time I needed to know what was for dinner. Not to mention, an old spiral notebook isn’t very inspiring! I decided to make a chalkboard menu for the wall so I could just glance over at it when needed. It was such a simple project but it’s been super functional for me and I’m loving it so much!

Chalkboard Menu | Little Red Brick HousePic

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DIY Vinyl Necklace {Guest Post}

Do you like to make your own jewelry? If so, today’s post is for you. Randi is going to share super cute DIY vinyl necklace idea.

I’m Randi, the author at Sowdering About where I blog from a blue recliner in the wet city of Seattle where my family and I live.  I write about my crafting adventures and parenting trials, because if you can’t find humor in your own life, then who will?

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I like to think of myself as a “tough” girl, but in reality, I’m not…I’m a scared of spiders, swimming in the lake and also, the dark.  I am not, however, scared of tools.  And by tools, I mean my husband’s big woodworking tools.  It’s not uncommon for me bust out his equipment and get to work on whatever project strikes my fancy.  Which, much to my neighbors’ dismay, I do several times a week.


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Back to School Wreath with Numbers

So, each month, a group of blogger friends and I get together to do a themed post. These women are amazingly creative and always knock it out of the park. In honesty, I typically forget about it until the week before or I just plain run out of time. Yep…I’m that person in the group! This month, our theme was numbers. I was stuck for so long because I couldn’t run into the kitchen and turn out something number related with ease. Instead, I did what I normally do when I am stuck…I talked to H and got her involved with the project. The result: this super cute back to school wreath with numbers.

Easy and super cute back to school wreath with glossy numbers! #CreativeBuzz

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DIY Toy Microphone

Our house is pretty much always filled with music. If it isn’t music from the iPod or iPad, the kids are playing with their toy instruments. My daughter loves to sing and pretend to be a rock star. Of course, every rock star needs the perfect microphone so we decided to make her a toy microphone from some simple and inexpensive supplies.

A fun and cute diy toy microphone that costs less than $5 to make!

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Beachy Seashell Wreath

Summer months are here and I am totally dreaming of the beach.  Well, at least of the relaxation that going to the beach bring. I can skip the sand and jellyfish. We don’t go on our beach vacation until next month so I decided to bring the beach to me with beachy seashell wreath.

Bring the beach home with a few craft store supplies and a beachy seashell wreath.

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11 Practically Free Father’s Day Gift Ideas

The end of May is in sight which means it is time to start thinking about Father’s Day and ways to make it special for the dads in our life.  I have two kids and they are always so excited to celebrate their dad.  Of course, he deserves it.  With kids though, I always try to find something that doesn’t cost a lot of money so they can feel like they really contributed to the gift.  These 11 practically free Father’s Day gift ideas are perfect to get your kids involved as adorable gifts for their dad.  Or, if you are on a major budget, you could easily use them for your dad too!

11 Almost Free Father's Day Gift Ideas #fathersday

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DIY Two Layer Stenciled Pillow

I am so excited to work with Tulip for your Home on this project.  While I was compensated for this work, all thoughts, opinions, and projects expressed here are my own. #tulipforyourhome

We are still working on the room redo we started last year as H’s 6th birthday present.  Yep…almost a full year ago we started this process and we are still.not.done.  I could go into a million reasons why but a lot of it is just plain not having enough hours in the day.  The other issue is that H has very specific thoughts and ideas about her room and I want to try and implement them in some way whenever possible.  When I had the chance to work with Tulip for your Home, I jumped at it because I thought it would be a fun way to personalize something for her room.  Using their stencils and new paint, we created a DIY two layer stenciled pillow that goes perfectly in her space. 

Super easy layered DIY stenciled pillow! #tulipforyourhome #ad

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