Easter Ribbon Wreath

Our front door is usually the first place you catch a glimpse of an upcoming holiday or new season.  So far this year, I have been a little slow to get a new wreath up.  My goal for Easter was to get a new wreath up before April 1st and I just barely made that goal.  My Easter ribbon wreath was finished on March 31st and I put it out on the morning of the 1st. Score!

Easter Ribbon Wreath #crafts #Easter #wreaths

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30 Spring Craft Ideas

Spring officially sprung back in March.  But, with almost a foot of snow on the ground and super cold temperatures, it was hard to really welcome spring in at the time.  Mother nature is funny that way I guess.  Of course, that didn’t keep from cruising Pinterest and day dreaming about warmer temperatures and bright spring colors.  I found so many great ideas that I decided to make a collection of 30 spring craft ideas so that you can be inspired too.

30 Spring Craft Ideas #crafts #roundups #spring

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Easter Crafts: Painted Paper Mache Eggs

Adding eggs around the house is a quick and easy way to bring a feeling of Easter into your home.  With about a million different ways to personalize eggs, decorating the eggs is always one of the Easter crafts I add to my to do list each year.  This year, I decided to make painted paper mache eggs in fun colors to match my kitchen. Painted Paper Mache Eggs #Eastercrafts #eggs #painting

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Pom Pom Napkin Rings

For Easter, we usually go visit my in-laws and have Easter brunch in the dining room of their retirement community.  Nobody cooks and there is no table to set.  While it is nice to have zero work to do, I do miss getting my house and table all dressed up for the holiday.  This year, we are actually going to have Easter at our house and I am super excited.  But, Mathlete has put a major spending freeze on house stuff so I can’t run out and buy a bunch of new table decorations.  So, I decided to make some instead and started with pom pom napkin rings.

Pom Pom Napkin Rings #crafts #30minutecrafts #yarncrafts

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St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

The brain is a funny thing.  In your mind, something could look totally amazing and be the.perfect.craft and then you make it and it is definitely NOT what you envisioned.  That totally happened to me yesterday but, instead of totally doing a new project, I decided I was going to share with you my St. Patrick’s Day wreath in all of its “glory” {insert saracasm}. St. Patricks Day Wreath with Label_wm [Read more...]

Seventeen Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day is such a fun holiday.  I mean when else can you really justify pinching someone because of their attire for the day?!  Of course, I am always the one who forgets it is St. Patrick’s Day and doesn’t wear green.  Good thing we keep green post it notes around the office to make an instant wardrobe accessory.  Just in case you want to get a little craftier than my post it note accessory idea, I have rounded up 17 awesome St. Patrick’s Day craft ideas that are sure to make you feel lucky :)
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St. Patrick’s Day Striped Clover Plate #CreativeBuzz

St. Patrick’s Day crafting is always super fun.  I mean what can be better than rainbows and gold?!  This year, I was thinking about a few things I wanted to do for St. Patrick’s Day and I stumbled across a striped clover file for my Silhouette.  I knew immediately that I wanted to use it with my gold vinyl.  And so, my St. Patrick’s Day striped clover mini plate was born. Striped Clover Vertical_wm
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DIY Dry Erase Board for $5

I have a chalkboard command center in my house that I love!  But, it is in the kitchen and I find myself always needing to jot down little notes or remind myself {or other family members} of something when I am at the front of the house.  I wanted a really inexpensive and non-permanant option so I delicded to make a DIY dry erase board with a $5 budget. $5 DIY Dry Erase Board #dollarstorecrafts #budgetcrafts #DIYDryEraseBoard [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Ruffled Ribbon Wreath

Let’s talk quick and easy crafts.  You know…the ones you do when you realize it is already February and the wreath on your front door is still the same one from Christmas.  Yeah, that kind of “oh no, gotta get a new wreath out stat” kind of craft.  That’s what this Valentine’s Day Ruffled Ribbon Wreath is all about.  I seriously realized 2 days ago that I still had the Christmas wreath up and it was February.  Blogger fail…scratch that…just human fail! 
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25 Awesome Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

Can you believe that it will be February on Saturday?  I am kind of in shock how fast the month of January flew by.  I know I should accustomed to it by now but I thought only warm days went by quickly and it has definitely NOT been warm around here.   February brings with it, of course, Valentine’s days filled with chocolates, flowers and awesome Valentine’s Day craft ideas.   Knowing everyone like a little inspiration now and then, I am sharing 25 ideas for Valentine’s Day to get you in the mood.
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