Refresh Your Home with Haverty’s

I am so excited to partner with Havertys to share ideas on how to refresh your home this spring. As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

Spring is the time of year where I always have a major itch to update things around the house.  I want fresh colors and to liven up my spaces after the long winter.  During H’s gymnastics class recently, I stopped into my local Havertys store to see what they had to offer to help me change up my space for the new season.  


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{Guest Post} Simple Nature Inspired Canvas Wall Art

You know when you find a blog that you just instantly love?  That was how I felt when I first read The Happy Housie!  Her motto is “Home wasn’t built in a day” and I think that is so important to remember!  Today, she is sharing a great project for canvas wall art that would be so easy to make your own!


Hello readers of Just Us Four!! I am SO excited to be here today to share these fun and simple Nature Inspired Canvases with you. Thanks to Shannah for having me here! My name is Krista and I spend most of my bloggy time over at The Happy Housie. I called my blog this because I must admit to you that I am a bit of a “housie”… (think foodie but for houses). I love all things related to houses: decorating, DIY, organizing, crafting, gardening, and more. I love sharing projects and ideas, and especially love finding old pieces and fixing them up to make them vibrant and beautiful again. nature inspired canvas art tutorial from thehappyhousie

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{Guest Post} Design Inspiration through Photos

Ever wanted to take a trip around an awesomely decorated room while the owner is away to get some design inspiration?  Well, today’s guest post does just that.  A BIG thank you to Bliss for sharing some of the great ideas she found in her daughter’s room.


Hello Just Us Four readers, I’m Bliss and my blog Bliss Ranch is about DIY, a recipe now and then, and I toss in some silliness for good measure. Shannah has a lot on her plate  and I’m taking my turn helping out by stepping up to that plate.  Honestly, the mighty fine recipes she posts probably make lots of people have a lot on their plate, but that isn’t what’s keeping her busy although it might be what is adding a few pounds to folks’ mid section!

I decided that I was going to give Shannah’s readers a glimpse of something never shown on my own blog – ever.  I laid in wait till my daughter was gone and sprang on her room with my camera.

Door headboard with original back plate, glass door knob and key

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Chalkboard Week: 15 Chalkboard Paint Ideas

Are you loving chalkboard paint even more with the two projects shared so far this week (found here and here)?  I love finding new ideas on how to use chalkboard paint!  So, I am sharing 15 chalkboard paint ideas with you this afternoon.

Turquoise Chalkboard Hanger from Petticoat Junktion

Chalkboard Painted Pots

Chalkboard Painted Pots from Sweet Pea

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Big Girl Rooms: Two Mood Boards

Have you ever tried to get a 5 {almost 6} year old to make design decisions?  Take it from me…you’d have an easier time ripping a princess dress from her hands. 

Um, how did she grow up so fast?

For H’s sixth birthday, we decided we would completely redecorate her room as part of her birthday present.  When we moved in, it was pretty hastily thrown together since
a) I was pregnant and also trying to do a nursery
b) she wasn’t really at an age where a big transition made sense.

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Inspiration Station: NYC Places

During our recent trip to New York City, I was excited to walk around the city and see all the sites. There was some serious design inspiration to be found starting right there with our hotel and continuing in other places around town.

Some pics {warning…most are from my cell phone so not the best quality}

I loved the pattern in the tile floor at The Standard Grill

Giant overhead shower head plus beautiful tile wall

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