Ghost Craft {So Boo-tiful It’s Scary}

The Three Amighosts….

Growing up, I had these 2 girl-friends. We have known each other since we were 3 years old. 
We all only lived about 2 blocks from each other and way back then….we were inseparable.

The corner of Prichard and Cayuta Ave was right in the middle of our houses. Each of us came from a different direction, each from a different point of the triangle, so of course, that is where we would meet to walk to school together.

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Vanity Makeover – Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

hello towel

Hello! Sometimes you have a regular old maple bathroom vanity and it works. It does its job of holding your tooth paste and hair brush and razor. But something may be missing, besides the mascara or toothbrush.

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Easy Glass Organization

Once upon a time there were two teachers and two students who loved each other and lived together under the same roof.  This little family was home together everyday all summer and it was wonderful….except for one thing….

there were too many glasses on the counter.

All. the. time.


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Father’s Day Shaving Cream Art Luggage Tag

Hello! Jennifer from Satsuma Designs here and very excited to be back at Just Us Four blog – thank you Shannah! At Satsuma Designs, I create Seattle-made baby products and content that help make caring for kids as easy as child’s play. Click here for a fun offer to help your kiddos thrive!

Do your kids have Father’s Day gifts all wrapped up? If they’re like mine, they’ve made a cute card at school, but want to have something to wrap up for Dad to give him on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21st. I thought it would be a fun pun to use Dad’s shaving cream to make art, add a special note and create a laminated luggage tag that he can take on the road with him or wrap around his briefcase to take a little visual reminder of how much he’s loved everywhere he goes. Here’s how your kids can make a Father’s Day shaving cream art luggage tag.

This is a two-part post with the second part of the story over at Satsuma Designs. Here I’ll teach you how to make the art and at Satsuma Designs, I’ll show you how to create the personalized luggage tag to give Dad on Father’s Day.

diy shaving cream art luggage tag 5

What you need to make your Father’s Day Shaving Cream Art Luggage Tag

  • Shallow baking pan or casserole dish at least 9″x13″
  • Spatula
  • Heavy white construction paper or card stock
  • 1 can shaving cream – get the old fashioned foaming kind, not the gel kind
  • Toothpicks or skewers
  • Food coloring
  • Washable splat mat or place mats
  • Wire cooling rack to dry paper 

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DIY Chicken Wire Message Board


My husband has been asking to build a garden full of fresh vegetables for a long time now. I have always been in favor, but we could never find a place for it. After thinking on it for awhile, we found a spot in the front yard and Matt got to work.

He up-cycled old pieces of wood, our wonderful neighbors gave us some dirt that was left over from their front yard project, we bought some chicken wire to keep the deer out. Then we all went and picked out the fresh, organic veggies….beans, watermelon, strawberries, lettuce, cucumbers.

Oh, I can’t wait to have strawberries and lettuce!

And as Matt was walking around the perimeter of the garden putting up the fence, I noticed that there was going to be left over wire.

The wheels started turning and I knew I would be putting that to good use.

So I searched the basement for an unused frame and made a few Miner adjustments. “Lettuce” get to work, shall we? Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

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Up-cycled White Washed Picket Fence Backdrop



My husband is a pretty easy going guy. When I give him a list of things to fix or create or do for me around the house he is pretty agreeable about doing it.  I love that man.

So when we took our picket fence down, I had a ton of ideas of what to do with the wood. 

And when I posted my February mantel here, I got a lot of emails about the backdrop. Funny, how so many people loved on it and my husband, although he gladly made it for me, very much disliked it.

OK….he hated it.

Oh boy, did I hear complaints about it. 

So here are the directions for making your own…just give them to your husband….or if he isn’t into it, make it yourself….it is so easy.
Picket fence Collage

You need:
wood planks, small nails, nail gun or hammer, wire, eye hooks

To Make:

Lay out your planks {I used 8 to fit my wall space}

Put another plank vertically on top and nail it to all the planks.  Do the same at the other end.

Screw Eye hooks into each vertical plank.

Twist wire onto the eye hooks

Once it was put together I white washed the planks….mix 1 part white paint and 1 part water…brush on and wipe off to your liking.

Hang and enjoy!

I also added a nail to the bottom corner, on the front, to hang a picture frame on it. 


Now that I have had this hanging for awhile, my husband doesn’t complain about it anymore. It is even been rumored around here he now loves this hanging over our mantel. 

Hmm, what is next on my list for him?


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backdrop 2 

Stenciled Leather Coasters

stenciled leather coasters

Hey y’all! It’s Ginger from Gingerly Made again. I don’t know what it is, but we can’t seem to keep a set of coasters around my house! I think the kids play with them and then loose them. Usually you can only find 1 or maybe 2. So since they are prone to getting lost, I periodically need to get more. But I don’t want to spend a lot of money. So what do I do?… Hit the thrift stores. Thanks to a thrift store find and some craft supplies I already owned, I was able to make these stenciled leather coasters for $2.00!!

I was looking for some stone tile type coasters, but only found paper ones and these “Patriots Colony” tin and cork coasters. I liked the cork bottom and knew I could upcycle these into something much prettier, so even though it wasn’t what I was specifically looking for, I went with it.

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Annie Sloan® Chalk Paint Dresser

Annie Sloan Dresser

When did you know that you were finally all grown up?

It is a tough question to answer especially when we do not really ever want to grow up. 

I think, for me; even over getting married, starting my teaching career, or having children the moment I knew that I had grown up was when I had a knock-down-drag-out week of debate with our gas company over a major mishap with our bill. And it was a mishap on their end, I might add….but isn’t it always?

I know what you are thinking….that isn’t glamorous. at. all.

But I kept my cool. I researched my account. I didn’t yell at the very misguided business manager. I fought smart. And in the end {without getting into the messy details} I negotiated a very fair deal with them that settled the whole dispute. I was finally. all. grown. up. [Read more…]

Scrap Fabric Easter Basket

Hello! Jennifer from Satsuma Designs here and very excited to be back at Just Us Four blog – thank you Shannah! At Satsuma Designs, I create Seattle-made baby products and content that help make caring for kids as easy as child’s play. At my blog, you’ll find crafts, organizing tips, recipes, holiday and everyday treats to delight you and your kiddos. Come by for a visit!

Spring is upon us and so are all the festive holidays of the season. With Easter right around the corner, I wanted to share my scrap fabric Easter basket tutorial that’s easy, fast and fun for kids to try. Using a few scrap materials, you can whip up this scrap fabric Easter basket in no time. If the kids are interested, it’s a great craft to teach dexterity, pattern and patience!

scrap fabric easter basket pin

Here’s what you need to make your own scrap fabric Easter basket:

  • Cotton material ripped into 1″ wide strips. Your strips can be as long or as short as you like. I used 4 yard long strips to make my little Easter basket shown here. You could double the strips to make a larger basket big enough for an Easter bunny, some candies and a book for Easter morning.
  • 1-2 yards of jute rope or cotton cording. I had a bunch of this brown jute rope left over from a Valentine’s Day project that was the perfect gauge or diameter for this craft. A clothesline works great for this too.
  • Scissors

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Moss Wreath for Spring or Anytime

Moss Wreath Tutorial

I love bringing the outdoors in! My personal home decor style is all about things that are light and bright with lots of outdoorsy touches for a clean and fresh feel. This moss wreath is the perfect addition to your front door or over your mantle. The green is perfect for this time of the year too. It transitions perfectly from St. Patrick’s Day, to Easter, to plain and simple Spring decor.
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