5 Easy Kitchen Hacks

I am excited to work with Sears to share with you ideas to make your life run a little smoother. While this post is sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Life gets busy and we can all use just about any little bit of help we can get. Am I right? I know that, with 2 kids, a full time job and my blog, any little thing that can make my life easier or save me time is a major bonus. I figure there are a lot of others just like me so I’m sharing 5 easy kitchen hacks to make your life just a little easier.

5 Easy Kitchen Hacks for an Easier Life

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Easy Glass Organization

Once upon a time there were two teachers and two students who loved each other and lived together under the same roof.  This little family was home together everyday all summer and it was wonderful….except for one thing….

there were too many glasses on the counter.

All. the. time.


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Kids Room Stuffed Animal Organization

Hey y’all! It’s Ginger from Gingerly Made again. Last month I posted how I was organizing my kid’s room beginning with a knob hanger for bathrobes or pajamas or whatever other piece of wearable clothing that usually gets tossed on the floor. This month I am going to show you my stuffed animal organization to get them off the floor. It’s another fantastically simple project that has already transformed the tidiness of our kids room.

Our kid’s room is one of the most difficult to photograph rooms in our house, so please excuse the lighting in these photos.

To begin with, you need a couple of metal horse trough style flower boxes. You can find these at most hardware stores or garden centers. This is a pic from Home Depot’s site where I got mine from. This one is 24 inches wide. They also have some that are 36 inches wide if you have a lot of stuffies or really large stuffed animals.


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Chalkboard Menu {Guest Post}

I am so excited about today’s post! You see, Sarah {from Little Red Brick House} and I have something major in common: a love for chalkboard paint. Combine that with a love of staying organized and menu planning and we might as well be sisters. She is sharing her awesome chalkboard menu here today.


I’m so, so excited to be guest posting here today on Just Us Four! Thank you so much, Shannah, for having me! My name is Sarah and I blog over at Little Red Brick House about all things creative, with an emphasis on DIY and home decor.

I have a small obsession with chalk boards. I mean, there’s one on my Wall Organizer in the front entry, one as a Calendar/Memo Board in my dining room/schoolroom (we homeschool) and now one in my kitchen! I would probably paint everything in chalkboard paint if my husband would let me. 😉

I like to plan my meals for the week ahead and I got tired of searching for my meal planning notebook every time I needed to know what was for dinner. Not to mention, an old spiral notebook isn’t very inspiring! I decided to make a chalkboard menu for the wall so I could just glance over at it when needed. It was such a simple project but it’s been super functional for me and I’m loving it so much!

Chalkboard Menu | Little Red Brick HousePic

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DIY Dry Erase Board for $5

I have a chalkboard command center in my house that I love!  But, it is in the kitchen and I find myself always needing to jot down little notes or remind myself {or other family members} of something when I am at the front of the house.  I wanted a really inexpensive and non-permanant option so I delicded to make a DIY dry erase board with a $5 budget. $5 DIY Dry Erase Board #dollarstorecrafts #budgetcrafts #DIYDryEraseBoard [Read more…]

Easy Dinner Strategies – Tips to Get Dinner on the Table

One of our goals for 2014 was to save more money.  Part of that comes with making changes to our lifestyle so that we have more extra money hanging around to actually save.  One of our ways to to do that: eating dinner at home.  We’d recently fallen into a routine where we ate out pretty much every meal from Friday through Sunday.  Our new plan was to limit that to one dinner and one lunch per week.  That meant I needed a plan to get dinner on the table even on our busiest nights.  Want to know how I do it?
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Black Friday Survival Kit with a Printable

Guess what will be here in a just over a week?  Sure, there is Thanksgiving but there is also Black Friday!  Are you a Black Friday shopper?  I definitely am and look forward to it every year.  If you are too, I am here to help you with your black Friday preparation with tips on creating a Black Friday Survival Kit {and printable}!

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{Guest Post} Foamcore Chalkboard with Washi Tape Grid

Today, we have another guest blogger sharing an awesome “why didn’t I think of that” idea!  Thanks so much to Consie, from Atop Serenity Hill, for guest posting here!


Hi everyone! I’m Consie and I blog over at Atop Serenity Hill about face and body painting, cake decorating, photography and anything else that comes along on my creative journey. I am excited to be here today (thanks, Shannah!) to share my Foamcore Chalkboard with you!
foamcorechalkboardwithwashitape I’m a fairly new blogger and staying organized with posts and ideas is a huge goal! I’m also slightly obsessed with my stats. So I decided to make a chalkboard for my craft space that would help me keep track of all those things and be a huge, physical reminder to keep up with my daily blog goals.

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H’s Room Update: Upcycled Paper Tray

Surgery put the brakes on changing H’s room to a bigger girl room but we are slowly moving forward.  While I was resting comfortably with my pain meds and my knee propped up, painters came and changed her room from pink to a gorgeous citron green {selected by H herself}.  Then, once I could move around a little bit, I took on a smaller project and upcycled a paper tray.

upcycled paper tray

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Chalkboard Week: Chalkboard Ceramic Coasters

Chalkboard week continues!  I’ve got another ridiculously simple project today.  This time I am combining my trusty chalkboard paint with ceramic tiles to create chalkboard ceramic coasters.

Chalkboard Ceramic Coasters

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