3 Easy Ways to Wrap Wine Bottles

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If you have ever met me, you know that I love wine which is why I am so excited to partner with Mirassou to share with you how wine makes the perfect hostess gift. Although this post was sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are my own. #MirassouHoliday

So, I am a total wine lover. If you have ever met me in real life or even talked to me online {maybe stalked my Instagram}, you know that I love to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine. Of course, when I need to take a gift to a hostess for a party or dinner, wine is my go to selection. Not only is it an easy choice but it is something almost anyone can use and enjoy. Mirassou wines are one of my favorites because they are reasonably priced (starting at about $12 per bottle) and pair well with almost any holiday dish. Of course, after selecting the perfect wine, I have to decide how to wrap it for my hostess. Here are 3 easy ways to wrap wine beyond the traditional gift bag.

Three easy ways to wrap wine beyond the boring bag.

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Mexican Hot Chocolate

With all of the craziness of Christmas time, it is hard to find time to sit down and relax. It seems I am always running around trying to get that last gift purchased or running to the store for more tape to finish wrapping presents. In the middle of all that, I try to just take a moment and relax so I don’t get too overwhelmed. My favorite way to do that is with a mug of Mexican hot chocolate.

Delicious Mexican hot chocolate has a hint of spice and it topped with cinnamon marshmallows.

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Mint Chocolate Olive Oil Brownies

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As a blogger, I love being able to share my passion for cooking and baking while working with brands that I have been a fan of for years. Thank you to Pompeian for partnering with me to bring you this holiday recipe. #PompeianHoliday

What are your favorite flavors at Christmas time? Mine is hands down the combination of chocolate and peppermint. After I made my chocolate peppermint cake mix cookies, I was totally craving some more sweets with mint flavor. So, I decided that mint chocolate olive oil brownies would make the perfect addition to my holiday treat collection.

The most delicious combination of peppermint and chocolate. These mint chocolate olive oil brownies are my new favorite.

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Chipotle Chocolate Truffles

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If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve seen my saga of the broken oven. Just when we thought it was a glitch, the oven completely died. Of course, that happened 3 days from our annual holiday party which was totally stressful. I immediately had to rethink all of my holiday party recipes to limit how much of it needed oven time. That meant no cookies, puff pastries or anything like that. Instead, I decided to make the star of the dessert table chipotle chocolate truffles. 

A simple no bake dessert that is full of rich chocolate flavor and the perfect hint of spice!

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White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies


For as long as I can remember, cookies and Christmas go hand in hand. My grandmother used to spend day after day making all kinds of delicious Christmas treats. No one came to visit without getting a plate of goodies to take home. As I’ve gotten older, I try to do the same for my family and friends. Mathlete loves oatmeal cookies so it only makes sense to include some version in our holiday baking. My favorite are white chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookies.

White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies are perfect for the holidays.

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Italian Meatball Soup

I am always excited to partner with brands that I love. Thank you to Mezzetta for sponsoring this recipe. As always, while I was compensated for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

For years, we have always gotten together and decorated our Christmas tree with friends and family. I love sharing one of my favorite Christmas activities with those that I love. Of course, with out busy schedules, we often end up decorating the tree during dinnertime which means hungry stomachs come along with the Christmas cheer. I like to have something that is easier to make but also filling for everyone to enjoy in between hanging ornaments. One of my favorites is Italian Meatball Soup.

Easy Italian Meatball Soup

Easy Apricot Meatballs

This post brought to you by Farm Rich. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Just Us Four.

Hosting events during the holidays {or any time} can really be stressful. There is the menu planning, guest counts and so many other things to think about. Finding a few items that you can use instead of having to make everything from scratch can be a true game changer. My favorite “holiday hack” is using premade meatballs and then dressing them up with a delicious sauce to totally transform them into the perfect party snack. A recipe that is always a hit at parties is my easy apricot meatballs.

Easy apricot meatballs are the perfect party snack! With a hint of spice mixed in with the sweet sauce, they will have everyone commenting how delicious they taste.


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Caramel Apple Pie Shooters

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Have you ever been relaxing on your couch or in bed and get a call that “surprise” you are going to have a visitor for dinner? Or maybe your in-laws decide to drop in for a little visit? This time of year those unexpected visits come a lot more frequently than they do any other. While I always love a chance to visit with friends and family, it can be a little stressful to throw something together on short notice when my to do list is already full of other “get ready for the holidays” tasks. So, I turn to a few go to ingredients that I keep on hand at all times to be able to make something quick but delicious, like caramel apple pie shooters, for everyone to enjoy…even on short notice. They are #ThankfullySweet and perfect for those unexpected visitors or even if you have plenty of time to plan but want to take a few shortcuts. #CollectiveBias

The perfect semi-homemade dessert: caramel apple pie shooters

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Mushroom and Red Wine Beef

Easy meals that taste great are a must in our house so I am so excited to partner with Imagine® Organic Culinary Simmer Sauces for this post to show you how a delicious dinner can be on your table in 15 minutes or less. As always, while I may have been compensated for this post, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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So, we’ve started adding getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas to our busy routine. It isn’t like I had a whole lot of spare time anyways so now we have even less time to get everything done. Of course, with the expenses of the holidays, I am working harder than ever to keep our eating out under control. It is times like these that recipes like this one for mushroom and red wine beef become so important!

Simple and easy recipe for mushroom and red wine beef.

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Beef Tips with Béarnaise Sauce

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There are times when Mathlete and I plan to go out to a nice dinner alone and never end up making it because of schedules or babysitter problems or life in general getting in the way. It is those times that I like to have a few “fancy” dishes that look like they came from a fine restaurant but are really easy to to make at home. I recently make beef tips with béarnaise sauce, made with white wine vinegar, and roasted asparagus for just one of those nights.

Steak Tips with Bearnaise Sauce

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