Meal Planning: What to Cook Wednesday

Good morning!  Are you having a great week?  Mine has definitely been hectic.  Getting back into the routine of school and sports and PTA can be really tough.  I find I have less and less time to sit down and spend so much more time on the go.  All the rushing about definitely makes meal planning more difficult too.

This brings me to a question I want to post to you as readers:  Does What to Cook Wednesday help/interest you?  Or would you rather see it replaced with a different type of content post {recipe, craft, DIY, etc.}?  Let me know in the comments please!

For now, I will share with you a few things on our list for the upcoming week.  This month has really brought a heavier focus on clean eating in our house.  While we are far from perfect {ahem, is birthday cake clean?}, we definitely try to make most of our meals as clean as possible to focus on a healthier lifestyle with more nutritious foods.  I’ve always loved quinoa but can now say that the taste/texture of brown rice is really starting to grow on me too.

Anyhoo, here are a few things you’ll find being cooked up in our kitchen.

9.11 1-4
Sunday: Green Thai Chicken Coconut Curry from Bless This Mess

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Weekly Menu Plan Ideas

Deciding what to make for dinner each week gets tougher and tougher because the weather is so beautiful that the last thing on my mind if making a weekly menu plan.  BUT, I know when I don’t make a plan, we eat out way too much and end up eating stuff that isn’t good for us.  Holding myself accountable for my own menu plan is one of the main reasons I started featuring menu plan ideas here on the blog.  Sure, I may not cook everything featured here but it gets me focused on planning out my meals for the coming week.  Hopefully, it helps you all along the way too :)
menu plan dishes 1-4

Sunday:  I’ve never really thought about making a dish with braised bacon but this one caught my eye so I knew I wanted to make sure I saved it.

Monday:  Couscous doesn’t have to be relegated to side dish status.  Throw in some chickpeas for protein and you’ve got a main course worthy dish.

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Let’s Get Cooking

Wednesday is back again and I am holding my head just barely above water.  I started working in the office again this week and it has been quite a shock to my system.   Commuting + working + therapy + all the other stuff in life has definitely kept me busy and exhausted.  Fingers crossed it gets easier really soon!  You aren’t here to hear me ramble on though…you are here for recipes so let’s get cooking!

7.24 1-4

Sunday:  Seared Asian Salmon with Caramelized Onions and Lemon Cilantro Edamame Puree

Monday:  Pea toast

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Weekly Menu Ideas

Happy Wednesday!  It is a very BIG week in our house so things are fairly hectic.  I am heading back into the office and our new Au Pair will be moving in.  There is so much to do but that doesn’t stop me from searching for some great weekly menu ideas.

Are you ready for What to Cook Wednesday?

Menu Idea Collage

Sunday:  Summer is made for grilling. I love throwing something like chimichurri kebabs on the grill and then topping them with a delicious yogurt sauce.

Monday:  Start the work week off with a super quick and really easy meal like cilantro lime grilled shrimp.

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What to Cook Wednesday

Hi guys!  Yes, I am actually here.  So, I know this blog has been a little bit more sporadic than usual but recovering from surgery was far more involved than I really expected.  Crutches, physical therapy, getting help to put on shoes…yeah, it has not been pretty.  Bottom line:  I am on the road to recovery so things should start to get back to normal around here soon.  Thanks for hanging in there with me :)

Now, let’s get on to some delicious food ideas in the regular What to Cook Wednesday post.

What to Cook Collage 1
Sunday: Chicken pockets are one of Mathlete’s favorite meals.  These stuffed chicken pillows look like they are sure to please.

Monday:  Meatless doesn’t have to mean boring.  How about some sweet potato and black bean tacos to keep your taste buds awake?

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What is On Your Menu?

Ok, lovelies, help me out.  I want to know what is on YOUR menu this week.  Sure, I’m still sharing some great ideas down below but I’d love to hear what you have cookin!

Sunday:  Sundays are just the perfect days to have slow roasted meats, like this herb roasted pork loin, for dinner.

Monday:  Salads are always great during the summer because they give a meal a lighter feel.  I am loving the idea of a chicken rice salad.

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Weekly Menu Plan

So, I am totally not going to lie.   This weekly menu plan almost didn’t happen.  I’m having surgery tomorrow followed by a few weeks on crutches.  Knowing that I won’t be up for making dinner for a few days {at least} made it hard for me to focus on preparing a menu.  The reality in our house for a week or so will probably be frozen pizza and take out.

BUT, you {hopefully} aren’t having a surgery which means you probably still want some delicious food to cook/eat.  So, I give you What to Cook Wednesday…

Sunday:  How about we start off our week with a trip to the grill?  I am thinking Vietnamese grilled pork chops sounds like a delicious way to spend a Sunday evening.

Monday:  We’re going meatless and chilled this week!  Chilled avocado soup just sounds like such a fabulous way to beat the heat on a really hot summer day.

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Weekly Menu Plan Ideas {WTCW}

Happy Wednesday!  In our house, Wednesday equals menu plan day.  That is how What to Cook Wednesday was born and I look forward to it each and every week.  Finding menu plan ideas for myself and, then, sharing them with you is always super fun.  Although, I will admit I get a little hungry looking at all this delicious food :)

Before we get started, I wanted to let you know {remind you} that you can do a What to Cook Wednesday here!  It is a great way to get exposure for you, your blog and {if you want} your recipes!  Don’t worry, you can sign up for one even if you don’t write/make food on your own blog!
Interested?  Just drop me a line to justusfourpartners {at} gmail {dot} com and I will give you all the deets.

Now, let’s look at some foooooddddd

 Sunday:  Mathlete loves Greek food.  So, it only makes sense to make sure he gets some of it on Father’s Day.  This year, I’m thinking Greek style grilled pork chops will be on the menu.
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Quicky Menu Planning {WTCW #103}

What do you get when you combine one {already} busy mom with the last week of school?  NO time to do anything extra at all and some quicky menu planning!

Now, a smart mom/blogger would have planned this out weeks ago and written up the post, complete with fancy collages and descriptions, too.  BUT, I never claimed to be a smart mamma 😉  So, What to Cook Wednesday is lacking in the pretty collages and commentary this week.   I wouldn’t leave you  hungry though so read on for some great menu ideas.

Leek Risotto from Food 52

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Menu Planning Help – What to Cook Wednesday #102

The weeks are just flying by it seems. Spending a bunch of time stuck on the couch certainly didn’t make time slow down at all.  Here we are again on Wednesday and I bet {if you are like me} you are searching for some menu planning help!  Well, that is what What to Cook Wednesday {WTCW} is all about so let’s get started.

Sunday:  I love mushrooms and portabellas are definitely high on my list of favorites.  Adding romesco, pesto and goat cheese just makes a delicious mushroom even tastier so I am in!

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