Brown Rice Salad with Seared Tuna

The weather is finally starting to warm up around here {I know you are glad because I will finally stop complaining} and that means it is salad season.  I’m not quite ready to dive into light, lettuce based salads but I have been eating more cool dishes like this brown rice salad with seared tuna.

Brown Rice Salad with Seared Tuna #recipes #salads

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$500 Spring Cash Giveaway

Spring is here!  And finally the temperatures are starting to reflect that too.  It is about to get a whole lot though because we are warming it up with a HUGE cash giveaway.  How does $500 sound?

$500 Cash Spring Giveaway Graphic

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Pinworthy Projects Party

Happy, happy Friday!  Guess what…we have SUN!  Yes, glorious sun!  I am not sure words could express how crazy excited I am that we have sun and the temperature is above freezing.  Woohoo!  You know what else we have?  A whole lot of awesome features from the stuff you guys linked up last week.  Let’s take a look.

4.4 Pinworthy Projects Features
 Breakfast Sandwich Casserole // Garlic Spaghetti En Croute // Tip to Drain Cans // Strawberry Banana Dessert // Lemon Drop Shake // Dollar Store Easter Decor

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Sleepover Planning: The Perfect Snack

Collective Bias Disclosure

Six years old are funny.  They start to get all kinds of personality and have very specific ways they want things done. A few friends are planning a sleepover for one night of our upcoming spring break from school and I am getting “schooled” on good ideas for snacks.  Of course there will be the typical snacks of popcorn, cookies and candy.  But, I want to make sure there are a few wholesome snacks too that incorporate fruits or vegetables.  So, I did a few taste tests with her and we created what she called “the perfect snack.”

Strawberry Cream Cheese Crackers #snacks #recipes #SpreadtheFlavor #cbias

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Easter Ribbon Wreath

Our front door is usually the first place you catch a glimpse of an upcoming holiday or new season.  So far this year, I have been a little slow to get a new wreath up.  My goal for Easter was to get a new wreath up before April 1st and I just barely made that goal.  My Easter ribbon wreath was finished on March 31st and I put it out on the morning of the 1st. Score!

Easter Ribbon Wreath #crafts #Easter #wreaths

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30 Spring Craft Ideas

Spring officially sprung back in March.  But, with almost a foot of snow on the ground and super cold temperatures, it was hard to really welcome spring in at the time.  Mother nature is funny that way I guess.  Of course, that didn’t keep from cruising Pinterest and day dreaming about warmer temperatures and bright spring colors.  I found so many great ideas that I decided to make a collection of 30 spring craft ideas so that you can be inspired too.

30 Spring Craft Ideas #crafts #roundups #spring

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Easter Crafts: Painted Paper Mache Eggs

Adding eggs around the house is a quick and easy way to bring a feeling of Easter into your home.  With about a million different ways to personalize eggs, decorating the eggs is always one of the Easter crafts I add to my to do list each year.  This year, I decided to make painted paper mache eggs in fun colors to match my kitchen. Painted Paper Mache Eggs #Eastercrafts #eggs #painting

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Shannah’s Test Kitchen: Crockpot Beef Bourguignon

Awhile back, I was cruising the internet searching for recipes for my monthly meal swap.  I needed something fairly easy to multiply since I was making 5 batches but that was delicious too.  I picked a recipe from a very well known blog and bought all of the ingredients to make it.  Long story short…it was a flop.  There was absolutely no way the recipe would work as written and I spent over an hour trying to figure out  a way to make things work. That experience had me wondering if anyone had ever had those problems with one of my MY recipes and it turned out that I wasn’t along.  So, I reached out to a few other bloggers to create a fun new series called Shannah’s Test Kitchen.

Shannah's Test Kitchen Button

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Pinworthy Projects Party

Well, here we are at the tailend of March and guess what…it is snowing!  Well, it was yesterday.  Today, it is just super cold and windy.  Where, oh where is Spring?!  Enough of me complaining about the weather though.  Let’s look at what you guys have been doing with your time!

Pinworthy Projects Party Features

Shrimp Risotta with Spinach Pesto // Anthro Inspired Geometric Coasters // Six Tips for Decor Planning // Chicken Hand Pies // Citrus Fruit Dip

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Spring Oreo Truffles

It is official. Spring is here!  Well, unless you count the 5 inches of snow we got yesterday.  Then, it looks like Spring is farther away than ever.  To make myself feel better about this ridiculous weather, I decided to dive into pastel colors head first and make spring Oreo truffles! 

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