Nine Tasty Summer Drinks

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Southern Breeze Sweet Tea.

Summer is here and it is a hot and steamy one. Yesterday had temperatures near a 100 and it had me searching high and low for summer refreshments. Something super cool is what I needed to help me cool down. In my search, I came across these nine tasty summer drinks that I will be keeping close at hand for all of the hot and steamy days to come.

9 yummy summer drinks to stay cool and refreshed. #SouthernBreezeTea #AD

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Summer Cash Giveaway

Are you ready to celebrate summer in a BIG way? I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers to bring you a summer cash giveaway worth $650! Yep, we are giving away $650 in cash.

Summer Cash Giveaway Graphic

As always, this giveaway wouldn’t be possible without the help of our awesome sponsors. A big thanks to the major sponsors of this giveaway:

major sponsor collage

Gingerly Made // Just Us Four // Our Rosey Life
An Alli Event // Domestic Superhero // Eat Drink Eat
Oh So Shabby // Feeding Big // Sweet Pea 

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DIY Toy Microphone

Our house is pretty much always filled with music. If it isn’t music from the iPod or iPad, the kids are playing with their toy instruments. My daughter loves to sing and pretend to be a rock star. Of course, every rock star needs the perfect microphone so we decided to make her a toy microphone from some simple and inexpensive supplies.

A fun and cute diy toy microphone that costs less than $5 to make!

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A Food Blogger’s Battle

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hot Shot® Insecticides.

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. If I am not cooking dinner for my family or creating recipes to share here, I am chasing around my kids during their multiple snack times throughout the day. All of those things lead to one major battle: keeping food off the floor and our house free of ants. My oldest is 6 and does a pretty good job of keeping most of her snack on the plate. My youngest, though, things that all food should end up on the floor at some point.

Think I am kidding? Check out what our floor looks like after pretty much any snack…these were the items he thought were meant for throwing and then promptly stepped on. Blueberry juice and crushed Pirate Booty for the win!


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Spicy Tilapia Ceviche

I love ceviche but don’t get the chance to eat it very often. I had been dreaming of it ever since we went on the Miami Culinary tour during Blogher Food so I dragged Mathlete to the Mexican place that I usually order it from. They have the most amazing shrimp ceviche. Well, #sadpandaface, they don’t have it anymore! The only ceviche they have has scallops and I really dislike scallops. So, I decided I was going to make it at home and made spicy tilapia ceviche for dinner one evening. 

Spicy ceviche made with fresh tilapia and peppers.

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Pinworthy Projects Party

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great holiday last week. I was so excited to still some of you came by to share your latest projects here at the Pinworthy Projects Party! I am short on time today {when am I am not?!} so let’s jump right into the features from last week’s party.

07.04 Pinworthy Projects Features

Mini Chocolate Pies // Homemade Sunscreen // Watermelon Rice Krispie Treats // Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ice Box Bars // Free Handwriting Fonts

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Strawberry Basil Teagarita

Almost every Friday, another family and I hit the local Mexican restaurant for margaritas. Both of our schedules have changed a bit so we haven’t been able to make it there as often and have opted for food and cocktails at home instead. Jose Cuervo makes a delicious ready-to-serve margarita and they just recently introduced the Iced Teagarita. It is an yummy mix of a classic lime flavored margarita and iced tea. It is an amazingly refreshing cocktail on a hot summer night!

I have been adding fresh berries to my iced tea drinks recently so I decided to combine that new treat with the Jose Cuervo drink and make a strawberry basil Teagarita.

Oh, strawberry and basil together are so good. What a great idea to combine it a teagarita! #CuervoTeagarita #spon

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5 Perfect Lunch Salads with #DixieQuicktakes

Lunch options in or near my office are very limited. Like a single cafe with boring sandwiches kind of limited. So, I like to take my lunch as much as possible. Not only does it give me lots more options but it also helps me save money.  Now that the weather is warmer, I am definitely focused on salads more but tend to avoid lettuce based salads because they don’t hold up very well in travel. I was thinking about my lunch menu for upcoming weeks and came up with five perfect lunch salads.

These are five awesome ideas for lunch salads plus a great way to transport them.

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Red Wine Slushies

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know I am a wine lover. There are few pleasures that I enjoy more than sitting down to relax with a glass of wine in the evening. On a free weekend, you will most definitely find us at one of the local vineyards with a picnic. Some days, though, even a glass of crisp white wine is just not enough to cool me down. After visiting a local place that served red wine slushies {think a slurpee with wine}, I knew I had to learn to make them at home for those super hot days.

An adult slurpee made with red wine?! I am so making these for the weekend.

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11 Delicious Milkshakes

So, we had a brief bit of amazing weather over the last weekend where it was actually cool enough for a light sweater in the evenings. I loved every minute of it.  Of course, being summer, it didn’t last long and we are right back to super hot temperatures. When the weather gets that way, I crave cool drinks and icy treats for dessert. Milkshakes are one of my favorite sweet treats during summer and I’ve found 11 delicious milkshakes that you have to try!


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