Tropical Guacamole

I have probably mentioned before that my four year old is totally obsessed with guacamole. If you have met us in person, you know it is quite the spectacle. He will eat guacamole {or more recently just plain avocados} every day if given the change. I love guacamole myself but not quite that much! I’ve been trying to change it up for him from time to time and recently made a tropical guacamole that he absolutely loved!

Easy and delicious tropical guacamole

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Jalapeno Kale Dip for Cinco de Mayo

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We’re huge Mexican food fans in our house. Seriously, my kid eats guacamole by the truck load and we have at least one Mexican inspired dish on our menu every week. So, of course, we are super excited about Cinco de Mayo. The only bummer is that it is a Tuesday which means I won’t have time to put together a lot of stuff for our celebration. Thankfully, I know where to get delicious taquitos and tamales. Then, all I have to do is make a few delicious sauces and toppings so my family can make their own taquito platter. One of our favorite sauces is jalapeno kale dip which my kids think is just avocado ranch {and I am not tell them any different since the word kale would instantly get a disgusted face and rejection}.

Jalapeno Kale Dip

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Strawberry Goat Cheese Crostini

I love cheese. That doesn’t always marry well with my Paleo lifestyle but I do allow myself to indulge from time to time. One of my favorite cheeses is goat cheese. I love it in salads, pasta and so many other dishes too. I had some gorgeous, fresh strawberries recently and I was torn with what to do with them…besides eat them. I ended up making strawberry goat cheese crostini and it was the perfect Spring lunch.

Strawberry Goat Cheese Crostini

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Triple Cheese Kale Dip Challenge

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We love hosting parties or just having people over to hang out at the last minute on a weekend. Whenever I have people coming over, I like to have at least a few snacks for them to eat while we talk or watch tv. One of the easiest things to serve is dip with either bread or chips. My newest favorite is triple cheese kale dip because, well, it has three cheeses in it. You can totally call it just kale dip though to make yourself think you are eating vegetables!

Triple Cheese Kale Dip

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Hot and Spicy Cheese Meatballs

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Basketball fever is in full effect! It is almost impossible to go somewhere and not hear people talking about the latest game or see it on TV. In our office, brackets are always the topic of the day. We love having friends over to watch sporting events to a few of the basketball games is another great reason for a sports related party in our basement! Of course, no party is complete without party food. My latest addition to the game day spread are hot and spicy cheese meatballs.

Cheez-It Spicy Meatballs

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Mini Shepherd’s Pie Bites

Who here loves shepherd’s pie? It isn’t one of those dishes that ranks up there in the favorite foods list like pizza or pasta but it is still so delicious. I love it during winter months when it is cold outside and you want something filling. I was dreaming up ideas for a St. Patrick’s Day party recently and decided that mini shepherd’s pie bites would make the perfect, one-bite treat.

Delicious and easy mini Shepherd's Pie Bites

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Turkey, Spinach and Macaroni Bites

Weeknights around here are crazy. I get home just in time to cook dinner and then it is time to check homework, take showers and get the kids in bed. I like to spend as much quality time with the kids as I can so I aim for meals that are delicious but easy to make. Right now, the only thing my four year old will eat with a spoon is guacamole so I have to make sure we have some finger friendly foods on the table too. I spend a lot of time trying to think outside of the box to ensure he gets more than just chicken nuggets and French fries. One of my favorite ways to get vegetables into him {and his sister} is to mix them with some of their favorite foods. That is how I created these turkey, spinach and macaroni bites.

Macaroni and Cheese bites mixed with healthy spinach and protein packed turkey. This is a great kid friendly food!

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#Ad General Tso’s Wonton Cups

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Game day is coming! Just think: we are less than one week away from the BIG game. I’ve been looking over my list of 100+ foods ideas and even the Whole30 friendly football appetizers for the past few days. Of course, I know that wings are a must at our party no matter what else I am making. In addition to regular wings, I also plan to make General Tso’s wonton cups too using the delicious Tyson prepared wings!


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Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels

I am beyond thrilled to partner with Fleischmann’s to bring you this perfect game day recipe! Even though this post is sponsored, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Ok, so we are exactly one week away from the big day. That means you have one week to decide what to serve to all those hungry sports fans in between plays and commercials. The guys in our group always love anything buffalo chicken related so I will be serving a new take on my spicy sausage pinwheels: buffalo chicken pinwheels {or pizza wheels as the kids call them}!

These buffalo chicken pinwheels are the perfect game day food!

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Layered Mediterranean Dip

Let’s talk party food. I love parties and I love food even more so I am always the first one at the food table. One thing I look for is a yummy dip that I know I can keep coming back to! This layered Mediterranean dip would totally be the dip bowl I stood next for the entire party.

Dips are the perfect party food! This one is full of flavor and looks awesome on the buffet table!


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