A Glimpse: Dino-mite Birthday Party

Birthday party #2 for August started just a few short hours {like 2!} from when the My Little Pony Sleepover ended. This one was a little easier because we were having it a local bounce house place. E is totally in love with dinosaurs so we went with a super fun dinosaur theme for his party.


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May the Force Be With You…

SoFab Disclosure

I have a peculiar six {six and three quarters if you ask her} old daughter. She is girly to the max with most things but she has a love of Star Wars too. She is always begging her dad to watch the movies again and again. I guess she recognizes his nerd tendencies even at such a young age. She turns 7 in a few days so I was searching for the perfect birthday card for her and got so excited when I saw the super cute Hallmark poster cards for kids

Super cute cards for kids that turn into posters!

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{Guest Post} Dutch Birthday Calendars

Howdy!  I hope you are enjoying all the guest posts we’ve had so far.  There has been some seriously amazing content from awesome bloggers so far and the rest of the month is FILLED with even more.  This week is birthday week at the Just Us Four house which means it is the perfect time for Jen to share her Dutch birthday calendars with you all.


Hi there! I’m Jen from de Jong Dream House. I’m super happy to be guest blogging here at Just Us Four. (Thanks for inviting me over to your cyber home, Shannah!)

A Glimpse: Birthday Weekend Trip

Thanks so much to everyone for the birthday wishes!  As always, my family and friends really put in a lot of effort to make my birthday absolutely fabulous.  I am truly blessed to have such incredible people in my life.

One of the biggest treats of this year’s birthday was a trip to New York City for Mathlete and I.  Mathlete’s parents watched the kids and we headed out on Friday morning for a long weekend.  We had originally planned to drive but, with the threat of a blizzard, we decided the train would be the better option.

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A Glimpse: Luckett’s Groundhog Day Sale

Every so often I share glimpses into the non-cooking/non-crafting side of my life.  As you all know, my birthday was last week. Mathlete totally spoiled me by starting the “celebration” a week early in agreeing to go antique shopping with me at the Luckett’s Groundhog Day Sale.

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Be My Guest!

I have a tradition: Each year for my birthday, I take the day off and spend it doing pretty much anything I want.  For the blog, I try to take the whole week off and instead have the blog feature you guys!

It is like an awesome birthday present to me {time off!} that also benefits my readers and fellow bloggers by exposing everyone to new content from some super creative minds.

Starting today, I am scheduling guest bloggers for the week of 4-8 February.   I have a minimum of 4 spots open but would love to have as many as 8 bloggers fill in for me while I am gone.

I know a lot of people tend to think that guest posting doesn’t hold much value because you are giving your content away to another blog.  BUT, check out this quote from a recent ebook on SEO (thanks Mandy for sharing this with me!):
It was really hard for me to even think about spending hours and hours creating content that would go up on someone else’s site. Fortunately, I saw the light and it completely revolutionized the results I get. This concept makes complete, logical sense if you think about it. Before your site has traction, incredible work will yield little in terms of results. Amazing work gets little attention and generates zero social sharing or links. Why? Because your blog doesn’t have the traction to generate social sharing or links. You’re losing the game of numbers. If the same work had gone up on a site that had a bigger audience, the impact would have been completely different. I eventually caught on to this and started sending some of my best work as guest posts to other bloggers who had bigger audiences than I did. Sometimes they didn’t want to publish it and sometimes they did. When they did, it had a huge impact. Those of you who buy into this concept the most will have the most success with your SEO efforts.”

Now, obviously, I don’t have the biggest blog out there but I do believe that sharing content with other blogs {even if they are of similar or smaller size} has a great benefit!  It reaches a whole new audience and also helps build relationships with fellow bloggers.

Interested?  Shoot me an email {justusfourpartners (at) gmail (dot) com} or just leave me a comment here {make sure it includes YOUR email} and I’ll get back to you to work out a date.