The Updated Blog

So, last week, you guys got a fun surprise and new blog design showed up here!  Monica, from Designer Blogs, worked her buns off to create the awesome design and all the great stuff that went along with it.  If you are shopping for a new blog design, I HIGHLY recommend them {and no, they did not pay or perk me to say that}!

A few of the highlights of the new design:
– Drop down menus: This will make it easier for you guys to find posts that fit into the categories you are interested in.  These do require me to update the categories on all of my posts which is a slow process so be patient with me…I will get them all organized!

– New Buttons:  Yep, those changed too!  Please be sure to update the button on your page :) You can grab the code from the sidebar or by visiting the Grab a Button page.

– Additional social media buttons.  You can now follow me via Google+ and BlogLovin simply by clicking on the icons in the sidebar.

– A fancy new picture.  I have the lovely Elevee Photography to thank for my awesome pictures.  My friend, Kere, hooked me up with some Stella & Dot jewelry to wear and Erica worked her camera magic.  I’m still trying to decide which picture is my favorite so you may see that picture in the sidebar change a few times :)

– LinkWithin – Now, each post has links to other relevant posts at the bottom. I hope it helps you find more content that interests you!

I think those are the major highlights of the blog design.  I had a great time working with Monica and she really helped me put my ideas into a real website.

Top 10 Projects of 2012 & a Look Forward to 2013

I absolutely love looking back over the past year and seeing what I’ve posted about. Even more fun though is looking through and seeing what you guys liked the most. It helps me see what you like and guides me in what to write about in the coming year.

Speaking of this year, I wanted to give you an idea of what to expect around here at Just Us Four.

  •  In general, I will post once per day on the following “schedule”
    Monday and Tuesday = original content
    Wednesday = What to Cook Wednesday {some of these will be guest posted!}
    Thursday = Pinworthy Projects Features & Feed Me Friday Blog Hop
    Friday = Pinworthy Projects Party
  • Sponsored Posts: Unless a sponsored post features original content, it will NOT take the place of a regular post. So, for those days, you might see more than one from me.
  • Guest Posting: I’d like to feature more of you guys so look for requests for guest posters more often. Ideally, I’d like to have at least one guest poster per month. You can contact me at justusfourpartners {at} gmail {dot} com to sign up for a regular guest posting slot or a WTCW guest posting slot.
  • On a similar note, I will be looking for guest posters for my birthday week (4-8 February) again this year.

Without further ado, I bring you…The Top 10 Just Us Four Posts of 2012!

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