Valentine’s Day Stenciled Burlap Pennant Banner

We’re not crazy Valentine’s decorators around here.  After all of the Christmas decorating and un-decorating, I am just a little too lazy to really do much so I tend to leave a lot of the winter decorations that I used as part of Christmas up in the house.  I do pump a little bit of pink and red here and there though like this Valentine’s Day burlap pennant banner I made over the weekend. Burlap Banner with Label_wm [Read more…]

Homemade Christmas Trees

It was my pleasure to partner with Make It:Fun and FloraCraft® to share a “Foam for the Holidays” homemade Christmas tree project with you.

Decorating with small, homemade Christmas trees can be super easy but make a big impact.  When you create your own, there is so much versatility for how your final product will look.  I’ve decorated my own trees over several years using scrapbook paper, tinsel and even just glitter.  Using STYROFOAM™ cones makes creating homemade Christmas trees so easy.Styrofoam Tree Collage [Read more…]

Christmas Burlap Bell Wreath

I took my first trip to Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago and I was so excited.  A store finally opened that was within an hour of me so I carved 2 hours out of my schedule to give myself plenty of time to check it all out.  While I was there, I fell in love with a burlap wreath that had bells on it.  I didn’t love the price tag though and was convinced I could make something similar for less.  Luckily, being in Hobby Lobby, it wasn’t difficult to find the supplies for my Christmas Burlap Bell Wreath. Burlap Bell Wreath with Candles_wm [Read more…]

Easy Burlap Wrapped Candles

Yesterday, I shared with you 25 amazing burlap ideas from around the web.  I love working with burlap so much so I wanted a great reference guide for things to do with it.  Today, I am back to share my own burlap project: easy burlap wrapped candles.
Candles with Label_wm
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Amazing Burlap Projects!

Burlap is one of my favorite crafting and decorating tools.  It can be super casual or it can even be used in more elegant situations to bring a little bit of a rustic feel to room.  In searching for ideas on how to use burlap, I collected 25 amazing burlap projects I want to share with you.
Burlap Project Collage


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Mini Burlap Wreath for Fall

What do you do when you are decorating for fall and your mantel is just missing something.  There is a giant space in the middle of your favorite mirror and you have nothing on hand that works right.  Go shopping?  Well, that would be my first inclination too BUT I had a sleeping three year old and no parental back up…oh, and an overwhelming need to get this done now!  So, I ran down to my craft area and gathered up a few random supplies to throw together a mini burlap wreath for fall. Burlap Wreath on Mirror with label_wm   [Read more…]

Fall Burlap Baskets

You know when you have one of those weeks where all the days are jumbled and you just can’t get a grip on your schedule?  Yeah…every week in September has seriously been like that for me.  So much so that this post for fall burlap baskets almost didn’t happen {it is happening late but at least happening}.  I had bought all of the supplies but just couldn’t find the time to sit down and work on them…much less photograph them!  Thankfully, I snagged a few hours to work on some projects this past weekend and the baskets came together. Fall Baskets with labels

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Burlap Wrapped Cork Board

I love having a place to pin pictures or notes up neat my computer. I don’t love the way most cork boards look though because they are usually pretty plain.  I decided to fix that though and made a burlap wrapped cork board.

burlap wrapped cork board

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Gobble, Gobble Goes the Embroidery Hoop

It’s Thanksgiving so you know what that means…all embroidery hoops better watch out.  It is too easy to turn two embroidery hoops into an embroidery hoop turkey.  Isn’t this little guy super cute?

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