Burlap and Plaid Christmas Wreath

So, November totally flew by! It was like I packaged up the Halloween decorations and now I am pulling out my snowmen and Christmas items. This blog started with the making of a wreath {and then a ton of wreathes after that} so I like to be sure and share the newest wreath I make each year for Christmas. This year, I am going for a pretty traditional and rustic feel so my burlap and plaid Christmas wreath fits in perfectly.

A simple burlap and plaid Christmas wreath is so easy to make and looks beautiful.

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25 Awesome Christmas Crafts

Christmas crafting is in full swing here now that the calendar has flipped over to December.  I do a little bit of stuff during November but really don’t start with the “heavy” crafting until December.  There is something about really enjoying Thanksgiving as its own holiday that I love.  Of course, not actually crafting in November didn’t stop me from searching around for all kinds of inspiration to have for when I started my projects for the year.  To kick off the first week of December, I am sharing 25 awesome Christmas crafts with you today!

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Five Minute Candle Decorations

I love white candles.  Well, I love all candles actually but white candles are just so versatile {and inexpensive} so I keep them around all the time for little projects.  We don’t typically light the candles because our three year old would be certain to go try and play with them or knock them over.  So, instead, we end up decorating the candles to decorate WITH the candles.  I have a few five minute candle decorations to share with you today that use candles and a few other items you most likely already have on hand.  They are perfect for when you want to decorate with candles but don’t really plan to light the candles. Washi Tape candles with Label_wm
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Christmas Burlap Bell Wreath

I took my first trip to Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago and I was so excited.  A store finally opened that was within an hour of me so I carved 2 hours out of my schedule to give myself plenty of time to check it all out.  While I was there, I fell in love with a burlap wreath that had bells on it.  I didn’t love the price tag though and was convinced I could make something similar for less.  Luckily, being in Hobby Lobby, it wasn’t difficult to find the supplies for my Christmas Burlap Bell Wreath. Burlap Bell Wreath with Candles_wm [Read more…]

Christmas Decorations: Frames of Joy

Decorating for Christmas is something I love and look forward to from about November 1st.  I always wait until the week of Thanksgiving to actually start putting out Christmas decorations but I definitely dream about them long before that.  This year, I wanted to add a few new items to our home and I decided to start with some framed words.  Joy and Noel are two of my favorite “words of the season” so I picked one of those.  Joy Frames Cropped_wm [Read more…]

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Christmas is my absolutely favorite time of year.  From mid-September, I start dreaming of my Christmas decorations and start to think about what this year’s Advent Calendar will look like.  Last year, our Advent Calendar was a frame with little envelopes for each day.  I wanted to do something a little different this year and, after a brainstorming session with Mathlete, we came with the idea of a Christmas tree Advent Calendar.

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Let’s Go on a Sleigh Ride

This post was originally shared over on Salt Tree but I wanted to share it with you here as well!

 For my kitchen decorations this year, I focused on bright reds and greens for the decor.

Someone keeps eating the M&Ms out of my little bowl…thieves!

One of the newest additions to the room started with this unfinished wood sled.

I taped stripes with painters tape and painted part of them red.

Once it was dry, I taped off the other stripes and painted them green. Then, I let the entire thing dry for several days before adding my vinyl lettering to the sled.

Are you ready for sleigh rides?

I love this sleigh because, even though it is red and green, I think it can stay out for decoration all winter!

Glittery Snowflakes

I’m on a big snowflake kick this year.  It started with my Snowflake and Mercury Glass mantle and it has been spreading throughout our house like some kind of snowflake epidemic.  Blame it on the lack of snow last year and so far this year…

The newest snowy addition to our house are these glittery snowflakes.

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I’m Traveling Today

Hey guys!  Happy Tuesday!  Can you believe Christmas is just a week away???? Crazy, I know.

Just a little note to let you know that I am guest posting over at Salt Tree today to share my striped winter sleigh.

I hope you will come by to check out all the details on making this fun decoration that will last all winter!


Doe a Deer

If you took a look at our Christmas home tour, you’ll notice a common thread through almost every room…let’s see if you can figure out by checking out our Christmas holiday table {or you know…reading the title}.

This year, I set the table using a combination of gold chargers and square and round plates.

In the center of the table is a green runner with an ivory and gold snowflake runner layered over top.

The vase in the middle is filled with little gold sticks, snow and my favorite glittered pinecones.

Gold candles and little reindeer flank the centerpiece on either side.

So, did you figure out what almost all the spaces in the house have in common? {I hope you guessed deer!}

What are you decorating with this year?