Gift Ideas for the Littles

I’m sure all you prepared parents have your gifts purchased, wrapped and under the tree.  So, this post isn’t for you.  It is for the parents {like me} who are still out walking the aisles and clicking on the web looking for great gifts for their kids.

Or maybe the aunt or uncle who just has no clue what to get…or the grandparent  who isn’t exactly “hip” when it comes to kids’ toys.

I’ll go ahead and caveat this and say, if the kids you are shopping for aren’t {or near} 5 and 2, I’m not going to be of much help.  But, if they are, read on for some great gift ideas that are readily available right now!

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Christmas. Organized.

Do you get so busy with the shopping and prepping for Christmas that things start to fall through the cracks? Or maybe you want a good way to keep track of what to buy, when it is bought and given?

Each year, I create a spreadsheet where I list all of the people I buy gifts for and the budget for the gifts.  Once they are purchased, they are assigned a receipt number and I track when they have been wrapped.  It helps bring me peace of mine that all the gifts are purchased and make it under the tree.

Assigning a receipt number makes it easy to find the receipt in case an exchange is needed since I am pretty terrible at remembering to get gift receipts.

I’ve shared this handy little sheet with you in case you want to start using a similar system. Enjoy!
Christmas Shopping List Printable


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