Beet and Wild Greens Salad with Fried Goat Cheese

I am a huge salad fan! From kale salads to southwestern style salads, I love them all and take them for lunch a lot. I also use them as great first courses or extras when we are having people over for dinner. One of my favorite things to include on our menu is a wild greens salad with beets and fried goat cheese.

Fried Goat Cheese and Beet Salad

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4 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress

Let’s talk stress. As a mom of two gorgeous kids who also works 2 jobs {full time “real” job plus this blog}, I am definitely no stranger to stress. When deadlines start to pile up plus the demands of being a mom grow more and more, I find that I need have a few easy ways to relieve stress that I can turn to on a regular basis. Since I know we all get stressed from time to time {all the time?}, I thought I would share my top 4 ways to relieve stress.

4 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress

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Shanghai Meatball Stir Fry

Every year, I vow to plan out my meals and chop my veggies on Sunday so I am ready for the week. Some weeks that actually happens. Other weeks…not so much. I love making Shanghai meatball stir fry but don’t always have the time to prep all the ingredients from scratch. Thankfully, I discovered Eat Smart Salad and Stir Fry kits which come in handy for days like that.

Shanghai Meatball Stir Fry with Quinoa

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Chocolate Maple Pecan Bars

With the holidays upon us {um, can you believe Thanksgiving is this week?!}, most kitchens are gearing up for major cooking and baking. From mid-November through the end of the year, my oven really gets a work out between cooking holiday meals and baking yummy holiday treats like chocolate maple pecan bars.

The perfect substitute for traditional pecan pie! Chocolate maple pecan bars are amazing and so delicious.

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Pesto and Sun Dried Tomato Tuna Salad

Tuna salad is one of those great go to lunch ideas because it is full of protein to help you make it through the day and tastes great. It also makes the perfect after school snack when the kids come home complaining they are so hungry. I created this pesto and sun dried tomato tuna salad to change up my typical version and cut out a lot of the unhealthy items that typically go into a tuna salad. 

Tuna salad is the perfect lunch or after school snack option! Opt for this version which has zero mayo and is full of amazing flavor.

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Vanilla Pancakes with Blueberries

Have you noticed that so many things these days seem to be some crazy concoction of flavors? I was out the other day and saw strawberry caramel chocolate pretzel flavored ice cream. Now, I love all of the flavors sure and do enjoy some flavors mixed together {salted caramel or strawberry lemonade anyone?}. But, sometimes I feel like more traditional flavors like vanilla get a bad rap. They get labeled as boring or plain. Well, I’m going to #TakeBackVanilla and it starts with these delicious vanilla pancakes and blueberries.

Vanilla pancakes with blueberry compote #TakeBackVanilla #CGC #spon

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Strawberry Basil Teagarita

Almost every Friday, another family and I hit the local Mexican restaurant for margaritas. Both of our schedules have changed a bit so we haven’t been able to make it there as often and have opted for food and cocktails at home instead. Jose Cuervo makes a delicious ready-to-serve margarita and they just recently introduced the Iced Teagarita. It is an yummy mix of a classic lime flavored margarita and iced tea. It is an amazingly refreshing cocktail on a hot summer night!

I have been adding fresh berries to my iced tea drinks recently so I decided to combine that new treat with the Jose Cuervo drink and make a strawberry basil Teagarita.

Oh, strawberry and basil together are so good. What a great idea to combine it a teagarita! #CuervoTeagarita #spon

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Snack Time

Now that the weather is warm and the days are long, we spend a ton of time outdoors.  Sometimes we have a BBQ or other type of party planned but most of the time we are just hanging around watching the kids play.  After a little while, what we have for snack is usually where the conversation turns.  I am always looking for something that tastes great, is good for you and is also something the kids will eat.  On a recent, gorgeous morning, I decided that snack time would be the perfect time to introduce them to my new favorite snack bars.  


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Breakfast on the Go in Under 2 Minutes

How much time do you get for breakfast each morning?  If we are talking most weekday mornings, I get somewhere between 2-3 minutes to make breakfast before I have to rush out of the door.  That doesn’t leave me a ton of options and, if I am looking for nutritious and wholesome meals, the amount of options available is even less. It turns out that there is an option for a breakfast on the go in under 2 minutes that is not only delicious, but also includes quality ingredients like real cheeses and fresh eggs along with high quality sausage, ham and chicken.

Delicious breakfast on the go in under 2 minutes! #BetterBreakfast #TysonDayStarts

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My Miele Story

Let me give you a little insight into how I normally spend my late fall/winter {say October through February}: 10-15 doctor’s appointments between my two kids, at least 10 sicks days between the two and lots of tissues, runny noses, and medication to get every one healthy.  Oh, add in my normal 5+ sicks days from catching what ever the kids have had and you’ve got a pretty good picture of our winter. 

Now, let’s talk about how THIS late fall/early winter has been.  Two doctor’s appointments {one for each kid}, zero sicks days for them or me and not one single antibiotic between us all.  Yep…not one!  

Those doctor’s appointment: one had a cold and one had a something in her eye.  The only one of us who got sick was my husband and his was vertigo while we were in NYC.  

So, I am sure you are wondering what changed?

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