My Miele Story

Let me give you a little insight into how I normally spend my late fall/winter {say October through February}: 10-15 doctor’s appointments between my two kids, at least 10 sicks days between the two and lots of tissues, runny noses, and medication to get every one healthy.  Oh, add in my normal 5+ sicks days from catching what ever the kids have had and you’ve got a pretty good picture of our winter. 

Now, let’s talk about how THIS late fall/early winter has been.  Two doctor’s appointments {one for each kid}, zero sicks days for them or me and not one single antibiotic between us all.  Yep…not one!  

Those doctor’s appointment: one had a cold and one had a something in her eye.  The only one of us who got sick was my husband and his was vertigo while we were in NYC.  

So, I am sure you are wondering what changed?

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Cleaning and Cooking in the Kitchen

I love to cook! In fact, if I had my way, I would totally spend all of my free time cooking in the kitchen. I hesitate to call myself a chef though because what I do in the kitchen is definitely more playing than anything of actual skill.

Of course, with playing around in the kitchen, comes a bunch of big messes.  I’ve been known to knock over full boxes of quinoa onto the floor or have little pieces of pasta fall onto the floor when I break the spaghetti in smaller pieces for my kids to eat.  There is a little corner in my kitchen that gets all the little extras that fall and don’t get noticed because I am focused on the food and not the clean up.  Then, when I run the little mini vacuum around the kitchen to do our nightly cheerio pick up, that food just gets bypassed because it is too far in the corner for the little vacuum to reach.
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Pure Air Vacuuming

Ok, if I say pure air, what comes to your mind?  I googled it and this was what I got
Pure_air_1 Looks pretty good right?  I certainly think so.

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First Impressions Last Forever #PureAirBlog

Remember my trip to learn all about Miele in New York? Well, prior to going, I had never even heard of Miele. That trip was my first impression of the brand and my first introduction to their products. Well, you know the saying “first impressions last forever?” Miele definitely goes above and beyond to make sure that first impression is completely positive.  To describe the impression I got in one word: quality.  The people were amazing and every product we were introduced to was nothing short of spectacular in the way it was engineered.

I’ve been home from that trip and living with my new Miele vacuum for just over a month now.  Has my impression changed at all from that first one?  Not one bit.
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Easy Carved Pumpkins for Halloween

We had  a semi-monsoon hit the east coast last week/weekend.  We were visiting my parents for a few days and really needed something to do to pass the time and entertain the kids.  Creating a carved pumpkin is a fantastic rainy day activity so we decided to go for it.
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A Day in the Life – Grabbing a BLISS Moment #BLISSandTell #CGC

My days get pretty busy and super stressful. For example, here is a sample “day in the life” type schedule for you {and this is during summer so school hasn’t even started}:
4:15am – Get up and get dressed
6:00am – Start working
1:00pm – Head to physical therapy.
2:00-3:30pm – Physical therapy
4:00pm - Home to play with kids before dinner
5:00-6:00pm – Prepare dinner/lunches
6:00-7:00pm – Dinner and clean up
7:00-8:30pm – Play with kids followed by kid bedtimes
8:30-???pm – Answer emails, schedule blog related social media stuff, edit pictures, write posts, etc.

That schedule doesn’t leave much time for relaxation and, knowing all the needs to get done in a given day, can be really stressful!  My husband is super helpful but he has his own to do list too.  Sometimes, I know I need to just take a step back and recharge so my stress level goes down and I can really get back to be productive vs. crazy, stressed out no headed chicken lady.

no headed chicken

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Guest Room Upgrades: Candy for Dad

One of our recent projects has been making our extra bedrooms into a true guest rooms: places where guests can rest comfortably and really feel at home when visiting.  Along with changing the bedding, making headboards and adding in art and extra furniture, I wanted to make it easy for guests to find things they might be looking for {i.e. items they might have forgotten}.

It started with a little basket of items that guest might have forgotten similar to the way hotels put out small toiletries.

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Organizing the Odds and Ends with Trinity Home Storage

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to get our house more organized and clean up some of the odds and ends that resulted from us finishing our basement.  I have spent most of January organizing different areas of our house including my craft room and our toy storage areas. We had a few places that still needed some attention though.

The first was our DVDs and video games.  We had moved them into the basement from our family room but their old DVD holder didn’t fit into the space we had for them.  So, they just lived on the floor for awhile.
When I was offered the chance to work with Trinity, makers of some awesome home storage products, I obviously jumped at the opportunity because it would help me with organizing some of my odds and ends and actually achieve success with one of my resolutions.

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A Meal of Thankfulness – Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes

Thanksgiving is a time for family to get together and be thankful for all of their blessings.  In our family, we gather around the table and share a meal together.  While being thankful takes a center stage, the food, of course plays a huge role in Thanksgiving day.

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