Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Hearts

Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Hearts - Perfect for Valentines Day Dessert and SO delicious!

I am really excited to share this recipe with the Just Us Four readers today! I love making Oreo Cookie Truffle Balls, but I thought it would be fun to mix things up for Valentine’s Day and make some Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Hearts! There are a little time consuming, but totally worth it. I ended up bringing all my goodies to a Super Bowl party on Sunday and they were gone before half time! These truffles are a total win!

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Holiday Baking: Bacon Chile Cornbread Mini Muffins

Collective Bias Disclosure Every potluck I go to during the holiday season is missing one thing:  savory breads or muffins.  We have a lot of chili, tons of soups or pastas and more than our share of desserts.  But, I like a little bread with my soup or chili so I am always left missing the one thing that just isn’t there.  For our office holiday potluck and my own Christmas party, I set out to remedy that problem by baking cayenne bacon chile cornbread mini muffins.
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Recipe: Tater Tot Casserole

We have a little thing in my office called Tasty Treat Thursday.  Basically, each Thursday, one of our team members brings in something to share with the rest of the team.  It ranges from things like cookies to full on lunches.  On a recent Thursday, one of my team members brought in something that I just had to make at home because I knew my kids {and husband} would love it: Tater Tot Casserole.
tater tot casserole recipe

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Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas

This post first appeared as part of my contributor series over at Sugar Bee Crafts.

Recently, I decided to try my hand at making salsa verde!  I was so excited with how it turned out…delicious!  It made a lot though so I looked for ways to use it beyond chips and salsa for snacks.  I figured why not replace the regular salsa and make salse verde chicken enchiladas!

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Kid Friendly Food: Meatloaf Muffins

I typically don’t like the term “kid friendly food” because it refers to a set of foods that are typically tasteless and majorly lacking in nutrition.  Think: chicken nuggets, hot dogs and the link.  Here, I’m referring to something a litte different: size and shape!

My kids love finger foods of just about any type.  I decided to try and make a few of favorite homemade meals into a more kid friendly size.  When the macaroni and cheese “cupcakes” were such a big hit, I decided to try turning our regular meatloaf into little muffins.

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How to Make Your Own Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup

Ok, so you’re flipping through a cookbook or clicking around the web and you stumble upon a recipe that looks good.  Reading through the list of ingredients, you see the dreaded “cream of __ soup” line item.

Don’t worry!  You don’t have to use the canned stuff that can filled with sodium and who knows what else!  There is a better way that is super easy.  I’m going to share with you how to make your own condensed cream of mushroom soup.  A bonus:  this recipe can totally be adapted to be a make your cream of pretty much anything soup.

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Weekly Menu – What to Cook Wednesday #99

Happy Wednesday! 
I love that our Wednesdays here on the blog are filled with delicious recipes.  Putting together a weekly menu is so much easier when you can find inspiration all around blog land. 

Sunday:  A stew might sound a little heavy for our warming temperatures but I loved the idea of a red lentil stew so I had to add it!

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Boozy Baking: Red Wine Cupcakes with Wine Cream Cheese Frosting

The boozy baking continues here at Just Us Four. I couldn’t just stop with the whoopie pies so I decided to try out some cupcakes too. After all, cupcakes are where my love of boozy baking originated.

After a few {dozen} texts with Liz, I settled on trying red velvet cupcakes first. She was very supportive and assured me that I couldn’t really mess this up. I mean…I was using wine and nothing is bad with wine 😉

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Weekly Menu Plan – WTCW #98

Wow…we almost to 100 weeks of sharing a weekly menu plan with you!  I hope, along the way, you’ve discovered some awesome recipes to make.  I know I have found great resources for dinner ideas while putting the weekly menu plan together for this series.

Let’s see what I found this week in my online searching…

Sunday:  We don’t cook very often but I would like to try and incorporate it into our diet more.  What better way than adding it to the weekly menu?  This week’s attempt: Pan seared salmon with bacon molasses vinaigrette

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Boozy Baking: Strawberry Prosecco Cupcakes

By now, I am sure you guys are all thinking that I am some kind of super wine-o with all of the boozy baking going on around here! I mean, we’ve had boozy whoopie pies and now I am bringing you a new cupcake with wine!

These cupcakes are different though…it is sparkling wine after all :)

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