Christmas Decorations: Frames of Joy

Decorating for Christmas is something I love and look forward to from about November 1st.  I always wait until the week of Thanksgiving to actually start putting out Christmas decorations but I definitely dream about them long before that.  This year, I wanted to add a few new items to our home and I decided to start with some framed words.  Joy and Noel are two of my favorite “words of the season” so I picked one of those.  Joy Frames Cropped_wm [Read more…]

Pinworthy Projects Link Party #70

Happy Friday everyone! Are you ready to share your latest creation? I hope so because I love seeing new crafts, recipes and do it yourself projects linked each and every week! Before you hit up the link up, be sure to go join the social media link party, Let’s Connect Thursday, that happens here each week!

Now, it is time to party…

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Big Girl Rooms: Two Mood Boards

Have you ever tried to get a 5 {almost 6} year old to make design decisions?  Take it from me…you’d have an easier time ripping a princess dress from her hands. 

Um, how did she grow up so fast?

For H’s sixth birthday, we decided we would completely redecorate her room as part of her birthday present.  When we moved in, it was pretty hastily thrown together since
a) I was pregnant and also trying to do a nursery
b) she wasn’t really at an age where a big transition made sense.

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St. Patrick’s Day Crafts – Pots of Gold

St. Patrick’s Day crafts are always so fun because they are filled with bright greens, rainbows and, of course, gold!

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Easy Decorating – Split Pea Spring Decor

We are in that time of year where it isn’t quite fully Spring {hello…snow predicted in two days!} but I still want to add little touches of Spring into our house to remind me what is near.  Since this is really transitional decor, I want this to be cheap and easy decorating.  And, it really doesn’t get much cheaper or easier than this!

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Pinworthy Projects Party – My Pinworthy Picks

Ack! You know that feeling when you wake up one morning and realize that you didn’t do something you were supposed to do?  Yeah, I’m there…right now!  It is now Thursday morning at X o’clock and I realized I haven’t done my features yet.  In my defense, it has been a crazy 36 hours in our house (fractured finger for one little, doctor’s appointment with new specialist + bout of coup for the other little).     

Never fear…the wee hours of the morning will serve me well in sharing some of the awesomeness to be found in the 100 links of last week’s party.  So, let’s get started before the sun comes up and I am really behind!

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Pinterest Challenge: Making a New Bed

Pinterest does a lot of things…the biggest is providing you with endless amounts of inspiration and ideas through your pins!

Thanks, in part to Pinterest, at our last dinner club, some of the ladies got to talking about upholstering headboards. Two, in particular, really wanted to do it for their rooms but just hadn’t made the time.

So, being the “do-er” that I like to think I am {yes, even that made ME laugh out loud, Mathlete…and others}, I scheduled a headboard day. The week before our “headboard day” came and there were lots of emails and texts.  We all wanted super simple rectangular boards similar to this one

 On Saturday morning, Liz texted me to find out if I had really gone and bought the wood. {Sorry Liz…I fibbed just a bit. We were in the car on our way to get the wood but I was afraid you might back out if I told you that!} Mathlete and I hit up Lowes and bought the plywood for our projects and had it cut there. I also picked up a second staple gun and a ton of staples in different sizes.

Liz was given batting duty since neither Nari or I had actually gone and bought batting yet. {Maybe we were all subconsciously thinking the other was going to cancel?}

With all of our supplies purchased, we got to work making our 3 headboards {I will warn you…you will see two different fabrics in the how-to pictures because we were making multiple boards}!

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Pinworthy Projects Party #51

Sorry I forgot to announce the winner of My Favorite Things last week!  The winner is:
Sara who likes Just Us Four on Twitter as sararowe8!

Sara – Shoot me an email to justusfourpartners {at} gmail {dot} com to claim your prize!

February is coming to a close.  Crazy how time is moving so fast!  Let’s take a little time out and spend it partying!

That’s right, it is time to link up your newest projects and recipes from the last week!

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Inspiration Station: NYC Places

During our recent trip to New York City, I was excited to walk around the city and see all the sites. There was some serious design inspiration to be found starting right there with our hotel and continuing in other places around town.

Some pics {warning…most are from my cell phone so not the best quality}

I loved the pattern in the tile floor at The Standard Grill

Giant overhead shower head plus beautiful tile wall

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Pinworthy Projects Party #50

It is Friday!  Do you know what that means???

That’s right, it is time to link up your newest projects and recipes from the last week!

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