Big Girl Rooms: Two Mood Boards

Have you ever tried to get a 5 {almost 6} year old to make design decisions?  Take it from me…you’d have an easier time ripping a princess dress from her hands. 

Um, how did she grow up so fast?

For H’s sixth birthday, we decided we would completely redecorate her room as part of her birthday present.  When we moved in, it was pretty hastily thrown together since
a) I was pregnant and also trying to do a nursery
b) she wasn’t really at an age where a big transition made sense.

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Inspiration Station: NYC Places

During our recent trip to New York City, I was excited to walk around the city and see all the sites. There was some serious design inspiration to be found starting right there with our hotel and continuing in other places around town.

Some pics {warning…most are from my cell phone so not the best quality}

I loved the pattern in the tile floor at The Standard Grill

Giant overhead shower head plus beautiful tile wall

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