Caramel Apple Pie Shooters

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Have you ever been relaxing on your couch or in bed and get a call that “surprise” you are going to have a visitor for dinner? Or maybe your in-laws decide to drop in for a little visit? This time of year those unexpected visits come a lot more frequently than they do any other. While I always love a chance to visit with friends and family, it can be a little stressful to throw something together on short notice when my to do list is already full of other “get ready for the holidays” tasks. So, I turn to a few go to ingredients that I keep on hand at all times to be able to make something quick but delicious, like caramel apple pie shooters, for everyone to enjoy…even on short notice. They are #ThankfullySweet and perfect for those unexpected visitors or even if you have plenty of time to plan but want to take a few shortcuts. #CollectiveBias

The perfect semi-homemade dessert: caramel apple pie shooters

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Caramel Apple Enchiladas

Have you been apple picking this month? Well, if you haven’t and you can, I highly suggest you take advantage of the nice weather and go grab some of fall’s bounty. Then, once you have baskets full of apples and you are wondering what to make with them, come home and make these caramel apple enchiladas. You’ll thank me…I promise.

This is the perfect recipe to use all of our apples! I love this dessert idea.

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Halloween Snacks: Monster Cookie Dip

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So, Halloween is this week. Eek! Are you like me and still planning out all the details of the day/night? We have our costumes but our annual pre-trick or treat dinner is still really up in the air. We invite a bunch of friends, with their kids, over to enjoy dinner before we go raid the neighborhood collecting candy. I love it but I am seriously stressed this year because my menu hasn’t fully taken shape. Thankfully, I have a few Halloween party food go tos I can rely on like monster cookie dip.

Monster Cookie Dip
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Pumpkin Pudding Sugar Cookie Cups

You all know I love pumpkin! Well, today, Shauna is going to share with you an amazing recipe for pumpkin pudding sugar cookie cups. It is simple and so easy which is definitely want you want during the busy holiday season.


Get out the pumpkin because  it is time to make the most amazing pumpkin cups for dessert.

Hi, my name is Shauna and I blog over at The Best Blog Recipes.  I am so excited to share one of our recipes today with Shannah  and all of you here on Just Us Four! It’s that time of year when my kitchen is very busy getting ready for holiday parties and big family get togethers. It can be hard sometimes when you want to take a dessert but don’t know what everyone will like.  I know a lot of our family isn’t a huge fan of pumpkin so that’s why I make something that’s easy and just has a light pumpkin flavor so that it isn’t overwhelming to those who don’t really like it all that much. 

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Orange Cream Monster Bread

I am always so excited when I get to partner with brands my family loves. While this post was sponsored by TruMoo, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Halloween is just around the corner! I know it is totally crazy to think about it already being mid-October but here we are. We are headed out of town for a few days so I wanted to make sure our Halloween costumes were all set and maybe do a little early Halloween celebrating too with a few baking projects. We did a few but one of my favorites was this orange cream monster bread.

A great Halloween snack that is so easy to make too! This orange cream monster bread is the neatest idea for our Boo bags.

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Halloween Oreo Truffles

Oreo cookies are totally my weakness. We keep little snack packs of them around the house so they are easy to grab and eat. Of course, I LOVE almost all of the different flavors they have come out with throughout the year. Right now, the Halloween version are out and we have been eating those for our dessert. Of course, an Oreo is even better when it is made into a Halloween Oreo truffle.

These are so good and such a great idea to get kids involved in making fun Halloween treats. I need to stock up on Halloween Oreos before they sell out and I won't be able to make these truffles.

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TWIX Parfait

A few months ago, I discovered TWIX bites when I made my three ingredient TWIX dip. They are absolutely amazing and we keep a bag of them around the house all the time. I was dreaming up more ways to use them the other day and came up with this delicious TWIX parfait. It is so easy to make and perfect for whipping up as a dessert for a party or dinner.  If you don’t have little parfait glasses, you can easily just toss it all in one big bowl for serving. 

A TWIX parfait is the easiest dessert to make and is guaranteed to disappear when served!

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Candy Corn M&M Halloween “Trash”

Sometimes, the simplest recipes are the best. I love creating recipes that are easy to make but taste delicious. This is especially true when Halloween or Christmas comes around and I want to be able to give treats to neighbors and visitors. One of our favorite things to make any time of year is white “trash.” I decided to change it up a little bit and make candy corn M&M Halloween “trash” after seeing the candy corn flavored M&Ms at the store.

The perfect Halloween treat: candy corn M&M "trash"

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Oatmeal Pumpkin Sandwich Cookies

Oatmeal cookies are Mathlete’s favorite. He doesn’t like a bunch of stuff in them and is always happy when I make them. I was making him a batch recently and decided to add some pumpkin cream cheese filling for those of us that like a little more oomph to our cookies. Man, I can’t even describe how fast these oatmeal pumpkin sandwich cookies flew off the plate!

The most amazing oatmeal cookies with pumpkin cream cheese filling.

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Individual Apple Cobblers

Let’s play a little game. I’ll say {type} a word and you tell me the first thing that comes to your mind when you read it. Ready? Ok, the word is Fall. I’m guessing the results were mixed between pumpkin, squash and apple. Now, if I say apple, what do you think of? Hopefully a few of you said cobbler because today’s fall recipe is for individual apple cobblers.

Apple cobbler made to the perfect size for one person. This is the best dinner party option for fall.

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