Easy Burlap Wrapped Candles

Yesterday, I shared with you 25 amazing burlap ideas from around the web.  I love working with burlap so much so I wanted a great reference guide for things to do with it.  Today, I am back to share my own burlap project: easy burlap wrapped candles.
Candles with Label_wm
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3D Pumpkin Art

Styrofoam pumpkins and gourds make awesome decorating tools because they are so versatile and last forever.   Buy a couple of bags during the craft store sale and you will literally have pumpkins for years.  Recently, I had some leftover from my fall burlap baskets project and decided to create 3D pumpkin art with them to display in the house. Front view of 3D art_wm

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Hanging on the Porch – Fall Porch Tour

Guess what? I am so excited to be a part of the All Things Home Fall Porch Tour for 2013.  The tour is sponsored in part by Hometalk and Front Porch Ideas and More! Fall Porch Tour 2013

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Mini Burlap Wreath for Fall

What do you do when you are decorating for fall and your mantel is just missing something.  There is a giant space in the middle of your favorite mirror and you have nothing on hand that works right.  Go shopping?  Well, that would be my first inclination too BUT I had a sleeping three year old and no parental back up…oh, and an overwhelming need to get this done now!  So, I ran down to my craft area and gathered up a few random supplies to throw together a mini burlap wreath for fall. Burlap Wreath on Mirror with label_wm   [Read more…]

Fall Burlap Baskets

You know when you have one of those weeks where all the days are jumbled and you just can’t get a grip on your schedule?  Yeah…every week in September has seriously been like that for me.  So much so that this post for fall burlap baskets almost didn’t happen {it is happening late but at least happening}.  I had bought all of the supplies but just couldn’t find the time to sit down and work on them…much less photograph them!  Thankfully, I snagged a few hours to work on some projects this past weekend and the baskets came together. Fall Baskets with labels

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Fall Felt Leaf Wreath

September is always a funny month here.  One day {yesterday} it still feels like summer with temperatures above 90 degrees.  Then, the next {today} the temperature will top out in the 70s.  It is really hard to feel like decorating for one season or another because you are constantly being thrown between two seasons.  I didn’t let the hot weather stop me though from starting on my fall decorating.  I used the heat as a reason to stay inside and test out my new hot glue gun instead creating my fall felt leaf wreath. Fall felt leaf wreath with label [Read more…]

A Not So New Fall Wreath

Ok, my dear friends…I have a confession: I fell way behind on my craft plans {thanks to a certain house renovation project…ahem} and didn’t make a new wreath for fall/Thanksgiving. I know…it gives me the sads too.

Never fear: I’m bringing back a blast from the past and sharing the wreath I made last year for fall. It is, after all, what is living on my front door this year. {A bonus: I took a few more pictures of it with my slightly improved photography skills}

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Spaghetti Jar Vase

Happy Thanksgiving week!  Can you believe that, in a few short days, we’ll be sitting down to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner?!  Time is certainly flying by this year.

I mentioned last week that, this year, I would be hosting Thanksgiving for the first time ever.  It is a small crowd {just us and my parents} so I haven’t really done much decoration wise.  I was sitting in the dining room though and decided it needed just a little something extra besides our table decorations. So, I created a spaghetti jar vase..actually several to be exact.

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Interchangeable Lanterns for Fall

Fall is in the air on my mind. 

The ArtsyGirl Connection

It is, sadly, not quite in the air since we are having a spurt of 90 degree temperatures recently. A girl can dream of cooler temperatures and changing leaves though, right?  This year, fall starts right at my doorstep with these lanterns.

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