Love Wins

This week is all about quick and easy Valentine’s projects.  That’s what happens when you birthday falls the week before Valentine’s Day and you decide to take the entire week off…you cram almost all of the Valentine’s Day stuff into one week.   Last year, I said I was going to get them all done and posted before my week off.  You see how that went!  😉

Anyhoo…do you read Momastery?  If not, you should…like right now. Click over there and start reading.  You can come back here when you’re done…I’ll wait.

Ok, welcome back.  Did you notice anything over there?   How about an awesome saying: “Love Wins”?  I love it…don’t you?

When I was trying to decide what to put on my little display plate for Valentine’s Day, that phrase immediately popped into my head.  In fact, I love it so much that I might find a different color plate so I can keep it out all year round.  For now, let’s stick to the Valentine’s Day one though…

Now, as promised, this is super fast and simple to make.

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Can You Feel the LOVE?

We have an area in our foyer where 5 framed pictures usually live.  For Christmas, I change these out for holiday themed words or pictures.  This year, I decided change them up for another holiday prior to putting the usual frames back in their place.

Love Frames in Entryway

It is the simplest little thing to make. The hardest part was/is getting those darn frames to hang straight.

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