The Scoop on Valentine’s Day Decorating

Valentine’s Day is only a week away.  How did that happen?!  I am so excited to be sharing with you my Valentine’s Day decorations as part of The Scoop’s Valentine’s Day Tour.
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2013 Christmas Home Tour

Ok, so this is the Christmas home tour that almost didn’t happen.  The loss of a week between Thanksgiving and Christmas really threw me for a loop and got me all behind.  Add a trip to New York City for a weekend and our annual Christmas party and I’m lucky I even have presents purchased {we’ll just pretend at least one those is wrapped…mmm k?}  Of course, I did decorate for Christmas so I wanted to share it with you.  Come on and take a tour of our home! Home Tour Label [Read more…]

Christmas Home Tour

I love coming home to Christmas decorations.  There is something about them that just instantly lifts your spirits!  Had a bad day at work?  No worries, take a look a the sparkly lights on the tree.  Let’s go on a Christmas Home Tour.

Each of the rooms in our home have a slightly different “theme” going on but, for the most part, we try to keep them cohesive.  I think the one exception would be the kitchen which we keep ultra kid friendly since that is where the kids seem to spend the most time.

Want to start our tour there?

As always, H made a gingerbread house with her grandma and it is proudly on display in the kitchen.  We put it on the sleigh this year surrounded by Christmas trees.

Just above the that little scene is my super awesome skate {thanks mom!}, another tree and the candle holder I painted at the YHL Book signing and craft class.

You’ve seen my Christmas Mantle so we’ll focus on the little bookcases in the family room instead.  The bookcases are new to this room and I didn’t waste any time filling them up with candles, trees and deer!

In the hallway, you’ll find more snowflakes and our advent calendar!  The glittery painted snowflakes hang above the advent calendar and give off a little sparkle when the sun hits in the afternoon.

The foyer is more of the ivory, blue and gold found in other rooms of the house.  I even switched out the NOEL letters from last year to a blue paper that matches the paper of our Advent mittens.

Thanks for touring our home for Christmas!  We were so happy to have you along for the walk thru :)