Easy Glass Organization

Once upon a time there were two teachers and two students who loved each other and lived together under the same roof.  This little family was home together everyday all summer and it was wonderful….except for one thing….

there were too many glasses on the counter.

All. the. time.


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Kids Room Stuffed Animal Organization

Hey y’all! It’s Ginger from Gingerly Made again. Last month I posted how I was organizing my kid’s room beginning with a knob hanger for bathrobes or pajamas or whatever other piece of wearable clothing that usually gets tossed on the floor. This month I am going to show you my stuffed animal organization to get them off the floor. It’s another fantastically simple project that has already transformed the tidiness of our kids room.

Our kid’s room is one of the most difficult to photograph rooms in our house, so please excuse the lighting in these photos.

To begin with, you need a couple of metal horse trough style flower boxes. You can find these at most hardware stores or garden centers. This is a pic from Home Depot’s site where I got mine from. This one is 24 inches wide. They also have some that are 36 inches wide if you have a lot of stuffies or really large stuffed animals.


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Washi Tape Magnets {Guest Post}

Happy Friday! If you are looking for the Pinworthy Projects Party, don’t worry…it is still here! Just scroll down. BUT, be sure to check out these amazing washi tape magnets that Carrie has to share first. They are super cute and so easy to make.


Hi, I’m Carrie and I blog about creating a lovely home for less at Lovely Etc.

lovely etc logo and photo

While I adore being a wife and mom, I also have an insatiable need to create! I love figuring out how to make beautiful things – even if it means firing up a few power tools. And I am all about finding ways to create exactly what I want for as little money as possible. I usually have at least five or six DIY projects going on at any one time and they are pretty much guaranteed to involve an awesome yard sale find, my trusty jigsaw, or my vast collection of turquoise paints.

I have a super simple, fast, and inexpensive project to share today – which is basically the best kind of project!

diy washi tape arrow magnets

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Organizing the Odds and Ends with Trinity Home Storage

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to get our house more organized and clean up some of the odds and ends that resulted from us finishing our basement.  I have spent most of January organizing different areas of our house including my craft room and our toy storage areas. We had a few places that still needed some attention though.

The first was our DVDs and video games.  We had moved them into the basement from our family room but their old DVD holder didn’t fit into the space we had for them.  So, they just lived on the floor for awhile.
When I was offered the chance to work with Trinity, makers of some awesome home storage products, I obviously jumped at the opportunity because it would help me with organizing some of my odds and ends and actually achieve success with one of my resolutions.

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