A Glimpse: Ninth Anniversary Celebration

I am thrilled to partner with The Ritz Carlton to share with you some of the great events and features they have to offer.  I received an overnight stay, including meals in exchange for this post.  However, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

So, the Mathlete and I have made it to the big 9!  Yeah, I am sure there were some doubters out there but we showed them 😉  Today, is our official 9th wedding anniversary but we celebrated over the weekend with an overnight stay at The Ritz Carlton in Tysons Corner.  We were both excited to get away for a night even if it was only a few towns over.  The location of the Ritz Carlton can’t be beat though because it put me right in the heart of Tysons Corner where I love to shop!
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{Guest Post} Design Inspiration through Photos

Ever wanted to take a trip around an awesomely decorated room while the owner is away to get some design inspiration?  Well, today’s guest post does just that.  A BIG thank you to Bliss for sharing some of the great ideas she found in her daughter’s room.


Hello Just Us Four readers, I’m Bliss and my blog Bliss Ranch is about DIY, a recipe now and then, and I toss in some silliness for good measure. Shannah has a lot on her plate  and I’m taking my turn helping out by stepping up to that plate.  Honestly, the mighty fine recipes she posts probably make lots of people have a lot on their plate, but that isn’t what’s keeping her busy although it might be what is adding a few pounds to folks’ mid section!

I decided that I was going to give Shannah’s readers a glimpse of something never shown on my own blog – ever.  I laid in wait till my daughter was gone and sprang on her room with my camera.

Door headboard with original back plate, glass door knob and key

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A Glimpse: Birthday Weekend Trip

Thanks so much to everyone for the birthday wishes!  As always, my family and friends really put in a lot of effort to make my birthday absolutely fabulous.  I am truly blessed to have such incredible people in my life.

One of the biggest treats of this year’s birthday was a trip to New York City for Mathlete and I.  Mathlete’s parents watched the kids and we headed out on Friday morning for a long weekend.  We had originally planned to drive but, with the threat of a blizzard, we decided the train would be the better option.

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A Glimpse: Luckett’s Groundhog Day Sale

Every so often I share glimpses into the non-cooking/non-crafting side of my life.  As you all know, my birthday was last week. Mathlete totally spoiled me by starting the “celebration” a week early in agreeing to go antique shopping with me at the Luckett’s Groundhog Day Sale.

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