Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins

At the beginning of the year, I asked on my Facebook page what readers were looking for in the New Year from the blog.  A friend of mine asked for more vegetarian recipes.  Now, I’m a meat eater to the core {with the exception of a year stint as a vegetarian back in college} so this was definitely a challenge for me.  I decided to start small and created stuffed sweet potato skins for a great vegetarian alternative to the traditional potato skins filled with bacon.
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100 Super Bowl Party Recipe Ideas

Ok, we are T minus 11 days until the BIG game.  You know the one…the Super Bowl!  I am not a huge football fan so I don’t get into the big game but I do get into the commercials and, more importantly, all the delicious foods!  For me, pretty much any party is all about the food.  So, to make sure your party has all kinds of delicious food, I rounded up 100 Super Bowl Party recipe ideas.
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Spicy Sausage Pinwheels

For our Super Bowl get together this year {um, early February already seem like ages ago}, we asked everyone to bring something to share. One of our neighbors brought this amazing sausage crescent roll dish that I seriously could not stop eating. I think the only reason I stopped was because I lost my fork somewhere and didn’t want to dirty a new one.

That got me thinking of a way to make her dish into more a finger food so a fork wouldn’t be required. Spicy Sausage Pinwheels would be the ultimate party food for football games, tailgating or just a regular potluck!

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Superbowl Food: Buffalo Chicken Cups

Have you heard?  The Superbowl is this weekend!

I’m not a huge football fan but we are having a few friends over to watch the game.  {Mathlete can’t resist an opportunity to use the basement theater area!}

Of course, Superbowl Sunday means lots of tasty finger foods.  In addition to these tasty options, I’ve got a quick and easy one for you to make for your Superbowl event: Buffalo Chicken Cups.
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10 Superbowl Party Foods

The Superbowl is coming!  Even if you don’t watch football {like me!}, you will probably be invited to some kind of party.  Or, maybe you are a die hard family and host a party!

Either way, I’ve got 10 recipes to make for the Superbowl.

1) Everything is better with bacon right?  How about bacon wrapped water chesnuts?  Delicious right!

2) Little cups with filled with BBQ chicken.  A score for a party for sure.

3) No party is complete without some form of chips and dip. Chipotle black bean dip is a great option for dip.

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