Turkey Spinach Lasagna Rolls – Use Your Leftovers

Thanksgiving is almost here {this week…eek!} and that means lots of food, lots of time with family and lots of leftovers!  I know people tend to fret about what to do with their leftovers because they can’t really stomach the thought of that many turkey sandwiches.  No worries here though…I’ve got a way to use your leftovers.  Heck, you can even freeze this recipe for turkey spinach lasagna rolls for later so you can go a few days without eating turkey. Lasagna Roll Ups with Lasagna_wm [Read more...]

Guest Blogger: Thanksgiving Wine Glass Charms

This holiday season, I am giving you the gift of new blogs to read!  Yep, throughout the holiday season, I will have guest bloggers come here and share a little bit of their awesomeness so you will have fun new blogs to read for the new year.  Today, we start with our first guest blogger, Katie!


Hello Just Us Four readers! I’m Katie from Snap-On Buttons and I am so pleased to be a guest blogger! Thanksgiving is perhaps my favorite holiday and if your like me, there’s always a full house. I’m here to show you how to make these super cute Thanksgiving wine glass charms.

I hate always having to second guess where I put down my drink at parties. That’s where wine glass charms come in handy. Using my Silhouette Cameo, I cut out charms using their Thanksgiving charms. I really liked these charms because their subtle and inexpensive.

 I cut out the same charms in different card stock colors, so guests have more options and diversity among the charms.

To make the rings for the wine charms, I used gold wire since it matches my Thanksgiving decor the best. However, it could easily be customized to match yours as well. Using wire cutters, I cut wire about 2 inches long and wrapped it around a soda bottle cap.

Slip the charm onto the wire and you have a super cute, easy, and practical craft for Thanksgiving!

I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season! I hope you’ll stop by Snap-on Buttons soon to see what I’ve been up to!


Those charms are super cute! I know I always hate losing my glass at parties too so this is definitely an idea I would use.  Thanks so much Katie!

Be sure to visit Katie and see all the other awesome ideas she has to share!

Vegetable Quinoa Soup: Progressive Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanks so much for stopping by today. You are in a for a big treat because

Today, I am sharing a delicious soup recipe that will be right at home on your Thanksgiving table.  Of course, be sure to pair it with other delicious dishes you will find at the rest of this progressive dinner.
I love using fall vegetables in my cooking this time of year so, when I was thinking about soups, I knew a vegetable quinoa soup would be perfect!   I just love the little bit of nuttiness and extra protein the quinoa adds to the soup.Vegetable Quinoa Soup top View with label_wm

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Thanksgiving Recipes – Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites

As you are preparing for Thanksgiving, I’m sure you throwing around ideas of what to have for dessert and the standard apple pie or pumpkin pie comes to mind.  We’ve even been known to do a little early Christmas baking and have cookies for our Thanksgiving dessert.  How about breaking from the norm a little bit and doing pumpkin cheesecake bites instead?  They are single serving making them easy for a dessert table and on your waistline on a day full of eating.
Pumpkin Cheesecake Bite with Label_wm

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50 Amazing Thanksgiving Food Ideas

Thanksgiving is fast approaching which means families are starting to think about just what they want to eat on that wonderful day.  I know I always start planning out my menu at least a week or two in advance so it is the perfect time to start pouring over recipes.  To help you with you menu planning {oh, and myself too!}, I have gathered up 50 amazing Thanksgiving food ideas that would be perfect for your holiday table.
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Mascarpone Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Over the years, I have learned that everyone’s Thanksgiving table has different items.  One thing that seems to ring common among most tables though is a heaping bowl of delicious mashed potatoes.  We like to add a little extra creaminess into our mashed potatoes and I wanted to share my recipe for mascarpone mashed potatoes with you.
Marscapone Mashed Potatoes Normal_wm
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Easy Scrapbook Paper Turkey Art

Because of the short time period between Halloween and Thanksgiving, I often find it difficult to squeeze in all the of the fun decorations and crafts that I would like to get done.  I mean…this list of 25 great Thanksgiving ideas would never fit into my schedule between the two holidays.  So, I turned to more simple craft and decorating ideas like this easy scrapbook paper turkey art. Turkey on Mantel with Label [Read more...]

25 Great Thanksgiving Ideas

The calendar has turned over to November which means it is time to focus on the next holiday: Thanksgiving.  Now, Thanksgiving often gets glossed over in favor of red, green, gold and silver for Christmas.  But, I am not letting it get hidden amongst the Joy and Noel crafts.  Nope!  Instead, I am here today to share 25 great Thanksgiving ideas for you to try for the often forgotten November holiday.

Thanksgiving Collage [Read more...]

Gobble, Gobble Goes the Embroidery Hoop

It’s Thanksgiving so you know what that means…all embroidery hoops better watch out.  It is too easy to turn two embroidery hoops into an embroidery hoop turkey.  Isn’t this little guy super cute?

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Spaghetti Turned Decoration

Happy Thanksgiving week!  Can you believe that, in a few short days, we’ll be sitting down to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner?!  Time is certainly flying by this year.

I mentioned last week that, this year, I would be hosting Thanksgiving for the first time ever.  It is a small crowd {just us and my parents} so I haven’t really done much decoration wise.  I was sitting in the dining room though and decided it needed just a little something extra besides our table decorations.

I started with some pasta sauce jars…Barilla to be exact.

After removing the labels and sending them through the dishwasher, I measured my scrapbook paper to fit around them.

I cut all the strips of scrapbook paper and taped them around the jars.

Then, I filled each jar with this gorgeous natural material I found at a little store during our anniversary weekend away.

Nothing like a quick and super cheap project to start off the week :)