Where in the World to Vacation?

During our recent getaway to New York City, Mathlete and I were talking about where we should go on our family vacation this year. Last year, we did a 1/2 staycation and 1/2 vacation at the beach. It worked out great because we actually got to relax a little and travel a little.  Of course, being only 1/2 the time of our normal vacation, we had to go somewhere pretty close to make it work.

But, we also want our kids {and us} to visit and experience more places as they get older. We briefly threw around the idea of visiting Australia for a family vacation.

We have good friends who live there and it would be awesome to see them!
Plus, you absolutely cannot beat the beauty of Australia.

It might not be 100% practical for this year since we really haven’t planned our time off from work well enough to support the trip but it did get me to thinking and researching Australian hotels.

So, tell me, where are you thinking of going on vacation this year?
Have you ever been to Australia for vacation?