Thin Mints® Ice Cream Pie

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Every January, our house gets so excited because it is Girl Scout cookie time.  By the end of the month, we are all out of the delicious cookies and it is sad faces all around.  While shopping in Walmart the other day, I discovered THE BEST thing in the check out aisle. NESTLÉ® CRUNCH® Girl Scouts® Candy Bars which totally allows us to get our Girl Scouts® cookie fix even though it isn’t cookie season.  I totally grabbed all of the Thin Mints® bars they had in the aisle and brought them home. We usually freeze our cookies to get them nice and cold but I decided to make Thin Mints® Ice Cream Pie with the candy bars instead.

This dessert is the BEST thing for summer. Love the idea of creating Thin Mint flavored ice cream pies. #Cookies2Crunch #shop #cbias

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Jalapeno Ranch Colby Burger

The weather has warmed up and that means lots of grilling.  One of our favorite things to enjoy on the grill are hamburgers.  Of course, I get bored easily so our burgers don’t typically just consist of ketchup and mustard.  For Memorial Day, we cooked burgers on the grill and I made a jalapeno ranch Colby burger. 

Perfect for the BBQ, this Jalapeno Ranch Colby Burger is an awesome combination of creamy and spicy. #SayCheeseburger #shop

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New Pizza Favorites – Make Your Pizza Your Own

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Between the holidays and then gearing up for major Football games in January and February, March can seem pretty sparse when it comes to activities.  Unless, of course, you are a basketball fan!  I don’t watch much basketball at all but love a good reason to invite friends over to hang out and a sports game is always a good one.  With time being at a premium these days though, I don’t go all out with a full spread and tend to stick to things like pizza and chips with dip.  Of course, that doesn’t mean, I just typically flop any old pizza on a plate and go with it.  Nope, I find some #NewFavorites, like flavors DiGiorno just introduced, and make them even more delicious with a few extra touches.
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How to Get Ready for Gameday with #GameTimeGoodies

Collective Bias Disclosure The BIG game is this weekend and I know people around the country are getting super exited.  Sure, there will be football on but game time brings along so much more like parties with friends, awesome commercials {honestly, the main reason I watch!} and of course: food!  Game day food has special place in every man’s heart.  Beer, pizza and wings are what first come to mind when you think men and football.  :)   Of course, many times the women in the house want a little more variety and turn to places like Pinterest to help them find things to serve at the game day party!  The problem:  those recipes keep them in kitchen instead of mingling at the party.
Well, I’m here to show you how to get ready for gameday so you can stay out of the kitchen this year and in front of the tv 😉 Get ready for game day with #GameTimeGoodies #shop #cbias #foodideas [Read more…]

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Dinner at Home #Valentines4All

Collective Bias Disclosure Ahhh, Valentine’s Day.  It is a great day to remind the one that you love exactly how much you love them by spending way too much money on overpriced flowers and a fancy dinner out in a crowded restaurant that is serving ‘eh’ tasting food because the kitchen is just so busy.  Of course, you’ll pay double the normal amount for the prix fixe menu because it is a privilege to get less choices and slower service.  How about doing something a little different this year and having the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner at home!  Yep…at home!
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A Balanced Lifestyle for 2014 #WowThatsGood

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Balance…it is my word of the year.  A more balanced lifestyle in every aspect is certainly something I am aiming for.  BUT, I totally get that my responsibilities aren’t changing.  I still have work, the blog, kid’s activities and a host of other items to do which makes the thought of grabbing food from the drive thru so appealing.  Instead, I will be seeking out convenient things at the grocery story that will also help me make healthier choices.
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Herbed Steaks and Roasted Potatoes #STAROliveOil

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 I love cooking and trying out new ingredients.  Flavored olive oils and olive oils crafted for specific types of food are one of my newest favorites to try out.  At a recent shopping trip to Walmart, I discovered that #STAROliveOil makes three different varieties of olive oil that are specially formulated for different foods by using different types of olives to create unique flavors that pair well with everything from vegetables to beef..  I used two of the flavors to make my delicious herbed steaks and roasted potatoes. #shop Finished dinner with label_wm [Read more…]

Travel Preparations: Tips for Leaving the Family

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By now you know that last month I headed off to Salt Lake City for my first ever blog conference. 
It was the first time I’d been away for more than a night since my second child had been born {and maybe only the third time ever since having kids} so I was a little nervous at how things were going to run at the house while I was gone.
Mathlete is an extremely involved parent and does a lot BUT there are things that he just isn’t use to thinking about when it comes to the kids and our house.  I wanted to make things as easy for him as possible so I did a few things as part of my travel preparations that I thought would help things run a little smoother while I was gone.  I wanted to share them with you in case you are thinking of taking trip soon but wondering how your family will function without you is giving you a little pause.

First: Make a schedule.
This may seem silly but it will be appreciated.  For each day, put who needs to be where and when along with important things to remember like “sally needs to wear red for spirit day.”

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Taking a Break from Cleaning with Starbucks #DeliciousPairings

Each year, spring hits and I take a look around my house and wonder how in the word it got so messy!  Everything is in disarray and, despite have a bi-weekly maid service, the house just needs a deep cleaning.  This past weekend I decided it was time to get started on some major spring cleaning.  I had already rounded up some spring cleaning tips to help me really get motivated.  Now, it was time to put them to use.

I started with organizing as much as a I could.  Our playroom had gotten extremely messy so it seemed like the best place to start.
Once it was all organized, I felt so much better walking by it!  Of course, it wasn’t the only thing that needed organizing so I kept on moving…right to the linen closet.

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Fajitas with #FishnVeggies

Our love for Tex-Mex style food runs deep in the Just Us Four household.  You can see from just about every What to Cook Wednesday that has been written on here that we love our Mexican inspired food.

I’ve been a little bored with our standard chicken and beef options recently though.  Plus, my kids have discovered a love of fish sticks and breaded fish fillets at school.  So, I set out to make a weeknight dinner that combined our love of Tex-Mex and our new found fondness of fish.  The result:  a customizable option that is adult and kid friendly!
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