Weekly Menu Ideas

Happy Wednesday!  It is a very BIG week in our house so things are fairly hectic.  I am heading back into the office and our new Au Pair will be moving in.  There is so much to do but that doesn’t stop me from searching for some great weekly menu ideas.

Are you ready for What to Cook Wednesday?

Menu Idea Collage

Sunday:  Summer is made for grilling. I love throwing something like chimichurri kebabs on the grill and then topping them with a delicious yogurt sauce.

Monday:  Start the work week off with a super quick and really easy meal like cilantro lime grilled shrimp.

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What to Cook Wednesday

Hi guys!  Yes, I am actually here.  So, I know this blog has been a little bit more sporadic than usual but recovering from surgery was far more involved than I really expected.  Crutches, physical therapy, getting help to put on shoes…yeah, it has not been pretty.  Bottom line:  I am on the road to recovery so things should start to get back to normal around here soon.  Thanks for hanging in there with me :)

Now, let’s get on to some delicious food ideas in the regular What to Cook Wednesday post.

What to Cook Collage 1
Sunday: Chicken pockets are one of Mathlete’s favorite meals.  These stuffed chicken pillows look like they are sure to please.

Monday:  Meatless doesn’t have to mean boring.  How about some sweet potato and black bean tacos to keep your taste buds awake?

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What is On Your Menu?

Ok, lovelies, help me out.  I want to know what is on YOUR menu this week.  Sure, I’m still sharing some great ideas down below but I’d love to hear what you have cookin!

Sunday:  Sundays are just the perfect days to have slow roasted meats, like this herb roasted pork loin, for dinner.

Monday:  Salads are always great during the summer because they give a meal a lighter feel.  I am loving the idea of a chicken rice salad.

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Weekly Menu Plan Ideas {WTCW}

Happy Wednesday!  In our house, Wednesday equals menu plan day.  That is how What to Cook Wednesday was born and I look forward to it each and every week.  Finding menu plan ideas for myself and, then, sharing them with you is always super fun.  Although, I will admit I get a little hungry looking at all this delicious food :)

Before we get started, I wanted to let you know {remind you} that you can do a What to Cook Wednesday here!  It is a great way to get exposure for you, your blog and {if you want} your recipes!  Don’t worry, you can sign up for one even if you don’t write/make food on your own blog!
Interested?  Just drop me a line to justusfourpartners {at} gmail {dot} com and I will give you all the deets.

Now, let’s look at some foooooddddd

 Sunday:  Mathlete loves Greek food.  So, it only makes sense to make sure he gets some of it on Father’s Day.  This year, I’m thinking Greek style grilled pork chops will be on the menu.
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Quicky Menu Planning {WTCW #103}

What do you get when you combine one {already} busy mom with the last week of school?  NO time to do anything extra at all and some quicky menu planning!

Now, a smart mom/blogger would have planned this out weeks ago and written up the post, complete with fancy collages and descriptions, too.  BUT, I never claimed to be a smart mamma 😉  So, What to Cook Wednesday is lacking in the pretty collages and commentary this week.   I wouldn’t leave you  hungry though so read on for some great menu ideas.

Leek Risotto from Food 52

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Menu Planning Help: WTCW #101

Busy moms and dads can use all the meal planning help they can find.  That is one of the reasons I started this whole What to Cook Wednesday series.  It allows me to find new recipes to feed my family AND provides some menu planning help to my readers. Win win in my mind!

So, since it is mid-week and what to cook is probably on your mind, let’s get started!

Sunday:  Let’s start off our week with a delicious meal of creamy polenta and chorizo. Throw in some roasted green beans and we have one delicious meal.

Monday:  Mondays are always busy as we get thrust back into the work/school week after the weekend.  Ginger, garlic and chili shrimp are perfect for these kinds of night because it cooks up so fast.

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Weekly Menu Plan – WTCW #94

Creating a weekly menu plan can be a real challenge sometimes!  It is hard to make sure it includes recipes you know your family will enjoy but also keep from always making the same old things.  That is what What to Cook Wednesday is here for!  It is your go to source for ideas to help build your weekly menu plan!

Let’s take a look at what is on the list this week…

Sunday: Cooking seafood on the weekend is always great because I make a quick run to the store and get it super fresh.  This week, tomatillo shrimp makes an appearance.

Monday:  We’re shaking things up and doing pasta on Monday!  How does pasta with a pale ale {yep, beer!} cream sauce sound for a meatless Monday?

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Weekly Menu Plan Ideas – WTCW #93

What to Cook Wednesday (WTCW) is super fun for me!  It helps me come up with new weekly menu plan ideas while also sharing with you some awesome recipes from around the web!

Do you ever make any of the recipes I share?  Maybe you have some recipes of your own you’d like to share here…If you do, shoot me an email because I would LOVE to have you guest post for a WTCW segment to see what menu plan ideas you have.

Now, let’s get on with our recipes!

Sunday:  Corned beef did not make an appearance in our house for St. Patrick’s Day.  So, I’m going to make up for it and have baked honey mustard corned beef this week instead.

Monday:  Stir fry is such an awesome option for a quick weeknight meal.  I’ve got Asian stir fry with noodles on my list for the week because I know our Monday is going to be a busy one.

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Weekly Menu Plan – What to Cook Wednesday #90

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday! 

Now, I know that isn’t as exciting as Friday but I do have some yummy eats for you to feast your eyes on!  Let’s take a look at the weekly menu plan I have cooked {heehee} up for this week.

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WTCW #89

Happy Wednesday! Are you enjoying your week so far? I hope so!

How about I make it a little better and give you some delicious food to look at?

2.27 1-4

Sunday:  My love for soup is pretty much a given by now so it is no surprise to see at least one soup each week, right?  This week, it is chicken pozole.

Monday:  Meatless Monday again..what to make?  How about cauliflower “steaks”?

Tuesday:  I’ll have to tweak this recipe a little for Mathlete’s plate but balsamic chicken with mushrooms just looked too good to pass up due to his distate for mushrooms.

Wednesday:  Forget take-out!  Let’s make Chinese fried rice at home! I’m sure it will be just as delicious and much better for us!

2.27 5-7

Thursday:  Chicken cordon bleu is always super delicious but a real pain to actually make {especially on a weeknight}!  So, this chicken cordon bleu pasta seems like an awesome superstitution.

Friday:  I love curry.  Seriously, I could eat just about anything curried.  I’m going to give something totally new a try this week too with Thai red curry sausage stroganoff.

Saturday:  I don’t make meatloaf very often.  It makes a lot and tends to take a little bit more time that I usually have. I’m going to splurge {time wise} and make this pizza meatloaf though this week.