A Glimpse: Birthday Weekend Trip

Thanks so much to everyone for the birthday wishes!  As always, my family and friends really put in a lot of effort to make my birthday absolutely fabulous.  I am truly blessed to have such incredible people in my life.

One of the biggest treats of this year’s birthday was a trip to New York City for Mathlete and I.  Mathlete’s parents watched the kids and we headed out on Friday morning for a long weekend.  We had originally planned to drive but, with the threat of a blizzard, we decided the train would be the better option.

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A Glimpse: Luckett’s Groundhog Day Sale

Every so often I share glimpses into the non-cooking/non-crafting side of my life.  As you all know, my birthday was last week. Mathlete totally spoiled me by starting the “celebration” a week early in agreeing to go antique shopping with me at the Luckett’s Groundhog Day Sale.

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