The Easy Dinner Recipes Meal Plan – Week 3

Are you ready for some meal planning? I am so excited about so many of the recipes in this week’s easy recipes meal plan. The meal plan makes getting dinner on the table a snap. For today, all you do is pick which recipes you want to make and then create your grocery list. Each night of the week, you’ll have the “what’s for dinner” question already answered.

Easy Recipes Meal Plan - Week 3
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The Easy Dinner Recipes Meal Plan – Week 2

It is menu planning day again! If you missed week 1 of our new menu planning series, be sure to check it out. It is full of amazing easy recipes too. This week, I am in New York for two conferences so my menu planning definitely needs to be quick and easy. That is one of the reasons I love our meal plan full of easy dinner recipes. I don’t even have to think about what to make but just pull the recipes and make my grocery order. It keeps me off the phone with the take-out place and lets my family still enjoy a home cooked meal even when I’m super busy.

icecream (6)

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Tips and Tricks for Surviving Whole30

I mentioned earlier this week that I was doing Whole30 for the month of January. I’m on day 4 now and feeling pretty good. My good friend Liz is actually the person who inspired me to finally try Whole30 so I’d thought I would have her share some of her thoughts on it, tips and tricks for surviving Whole30 and even her goals for this round. {Psst…at the end there is a link to 30 recipes to get your through Whole30 too}

So…meet Liz



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Chalkboard Menu {Guest Post}

I am so excited about today’s post! You see, Sarah {from Little Red Brick House} and I have something major in common: a love for chalkboard paint. Combine that with a love of staying organized and menu planning and we might as well be sisters. She is sharing her awesome chalkboard menu here today.


I’m so, so excited to be guest posting here today on Just Us Four! Thank you so much, Shannah, for having me! My name is Sarah and I blog over at Little Red Brick House about all things creative, with an emphasis on DIY and home decor.

I have a small obsession with chalk boards. I mean, there’s one on my Wall Organizer in the front entry, one as a Calendar/Memo Board in my dining room/schoolroom (we homeschool) and now one in my kitchen! I would probably paint everything in chalkboard paint if my husband would let me. ;)

I like to plan my meals for the week ahead and I got tired of searching for my meal planning notebook every time I needed to know what was for dinner. Not to mention, an old spiral notebook isn’t very inspiring! I decided to make a chalkboard menu for the wall so I could just glance over at it when needed. It was such a simple project but it’s been super functional for me and I’m loving it so much!

Chalkboard Menu | Little Red Brick HousePic

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What is On Your Menu?

Ok, lovelies, help me out.  I want to know what is on YOUR menu this week.  Sure, I’m still sharing some great ideas down below but I’d love to hear what you have cookin!

Sunday:  Sundays are just the perfect days to have slow roasted meats, like this herb roasted pork loin, for dinner.

Monday:  Salads are always great during the summer because they give a meal a lighter feel.  I am loving the idea of a chicken rice salad.

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Menu Planning Help: WTCW #101

Busy moms and dads can use all the meal planning help they can find.  That is one of the reasons I started this whole What to Cook Wednesday series.  It allows me to find new recipes to feed my family AND provides some menu planning help to my readers. Win win in my mind!

So, since it is mid-week and what to cook is probably on your mind, let’s get started!

Sunday:  Let’s start off our week with a delicious meal of creamy polenta and chorizo. Throw in some roasted green beans and we have one delicious meal.

Monday:  Mondays are always busy as we get thrust back into the work/school week after the weekend.  Ginger, garlic and chili shrimp are perfect for these kinds of night because it cooks up so fast.

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Weekly Menu – What to Cook Wednesday #99

Happy Wednesday! 
I love that our Wednesdays here on the blog are filled with delicious recipes.  Putting together a weekly menu is so much easier when you can find inspiration all around blog land. 

Sunday:  A stew might sound a little heavy for our warming temperatures but I loved the idea of a red lentil stew so I had to add it!

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Weekly Menu Plan – WTCW #97

Life is ever so slowly getting back to normal after my trip.  I have finally finished unpacking and am working on getting my inbox back down to a manageable size.

The need for dinner ideas doesn’t disappear because I am busy though so I am back this Wednesday with more ideas for your weekly menu!  What to Cook Wednesday is ON!

Sunday:  Let’s start our week out with an amazingly delicious garlic rosemary chicken.  This recipe is the kind of stuff Sunday evening dinner dreams are made of!

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Weekly Menu Plan – WTCW #94

Creating a weekly menu plan can be a real challenge sometimes!  It is hard to make sure it includes recipes you know your family will enjoy but also keep from always making the same old things.  That is what What to Cook Wednesday is here for!  It is your go to source for ideas to help build your weekly menu plan!

Let’s take a look at what is on the list this week…

Sunday: Cooking seafood on the weekend is always great because I make a quick run to the store and get it super fresh.  This week, tomatillo shrimp makes an appearance.

Monday:  We’re shaking things up and doing pasta on Monday!  How does pasta with a pale ale {yep, beer!} cream sauce sound for a meatless Monday?

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Weekly Menu Plan Ideas – WTCW #93

What to Cook Wednesday (WTCW) is super fun for me!  It helps me come up with new weekly menu plan ideas while also sharing with you some awesome recipes from around the web!

Do you ever make any of the recipes I share?  Maybe you have some recipes of your own you’d like to share here…If you do, shoot me an email because I would LOVE to have you guest post for a WTCW segment to see what menu plan ideas you have.

Now, let’s get on with our recipes!

Sunday:  Corned beef did not make an appearance in our house for St. Patrick’s Day.  So, I’m going to make up for it and have baked honey mustard corned beef this week instead.

Monday:  Stir fry is such an awesome option for a quick weeknight meal.  I’ve got Asian stir fry with noodles on my list for the week because I know our Monday is going to be a busy one.

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