Weekly Menu – What to Cook Wednesday #99

Happy Wednesday! 
I love that our Wednesdays here on the blog are filled with delicious recipes.  Putting together a weekly menu is so much easier when you can find inspiration all around blog land. 

Sunday:  A stew might sound a little heavy for our warming temperatures but I loved the idea of a red lentil stew so I had to add it!

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Weekly Menu Plan – WTCW #98

Wow…we almost to 100 weeks of sharing a weekly menu plan with you!  I hope, along the way, you’ve discovered some awesome recipes to make.  I know I have found great resources for dinner ideas while putting the weekly menu plan together for this series.

Let’s see what I found this week in my online searching…

Sunday:  We don’t cook very often but I would like to try and incorporate it into our diet more.  What better way than adding it to the weekly menu?  This week’s attempt: Pan seared salmon with bacon molasses vinaigrette

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Weekly Menu Plan – WTCW #97

Life is ever so slowly getting back to normal after my trip.  I have finally finished unpacking and am working on getting my inbox back down to a manageable size.

The need for dinner ideas doesn’t disappear because I am busy though so I am back this Wednesday with more ideas for your weekly menu!  What to Cook Wednesday is ON!

Sunday:  Let’s start our week out with an amazingly delicious garlic rosemary chicken.  This recipe is the kind of stuff Sunday evening dinner dreams are made of!

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Weekly Menu Plan – WTCW #96

Warning…I am a chicken…with no head. 

Why?  Because I am heading to my first ever conference and I have a million things running around in my head.

Don’t worry though.  I am still here with ideas for your weekly menu BUT the commentary will be very brief…like non-existent :)

Sunday:  Lemongrass Salmon with Barley Salad

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Weekly Menu Plan – WTCW #95

Whew, my friends, we have made it to Wednesday!  That means we are so close to the glorious time that is the weekend!  For a lot of people the weekend also means grocery shopping so Wednesday seems like a great day to make our weekly menu plan!

Let’s take a look at some ideas that made it into this week’s What to Cook Wedneday!

Sunday:  Few foods evoke childhood memories for me the way fried chicken does!  A pan fried chicken sandwich with avocado hash seems like  a very grown-up way to enjoy my childhood favorite.

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Weekly Menu Plan – WTCW #94

Creating a weekly menu plan can be a real challenge sometimes!  It is hard to make sure it includes recipes you know your family will enjoy but also keep from always making the same old things.  That is what What to Cook Wednesday is here for!  It is your go to source for ideas to help build your weekly menu plan!

Let’s take a look at what is on the list this week…

Sunday: Cooking seafood on the weekend is always great because I make a quick run to the store and get it super fresh.  This week, tomatillo shrimp makes an appearance.

Monday:  We’re shaking things up and doing pasta on Monday!  How does pasta with a pale ale {yep, beer!} cream sauce sound for a meatless Monday?

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Weekly Menu Plan Ideas – WTCW #93

What to Cook Wednesday (WTCW) is super fun for me!  It helps me come up with new weekly menu plan ideas while also sharing with you some awesome recipes from around the web!

Do you ever make any of the recipes I share?  Maybe you have some recipes of your own you’d like to share here…If you do, shoot me an email because I would LOVE to have you guest post for a WTCW segment to see what menu plan ideas you have.

Now, let’s get on with our recipes!

Sunday:  Corned beef did not make an appearance in our house for St. Patrick’s Day.  So, I’m going to make up for it and have baked honey mustard corned beef this week instead.

Monday:  Stir fry is such an awesome option for a quick weeknight meal.  I’ve got Asian stir fry with noodles on my list for the week because I know our Monday is going to be a busy one.

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Weekly Menu Plan – WTCW #92

Are you ready to put together another weekly menu plan?  I’ve got mine all set and ready to share with you.

Sunday – Let’s start out the week with a heaping bowl of veggies {and a little bit of meat} with meat lovers ratatouille.

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Weekly Menu Plan – WTCW #91

Ok, do you have your grocery list pad ready to write the ingredients for this week’s weekly menu plan?  It is Wednesday you know :)

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Weekly Menu Plan – What to Cook Wednesday #90

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday! 

Now, I know that isn’t as exciting as Friday but I do have some yummy eats for you to feast your eyes on!  Let’s take a look at the weekly menu plan I have cooked {heehee} up for this week.

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